Zahra bit down on her lip hard, her hands balling into nervous fists by her side as she strided up and down the length of the hall.

What did I go do that for?

She'd just been yelled at by the Prince and though it didn't quite offend her as it normally would have, she blamed herself for being such a dolt yet her curiosity at what was going on had taken better control of her.

But Zahra could tell that something was bothering the Prince. No, that was much of an understatement. He'd lost it - all traces of being sane were gone from the cold and expressionless mask that he'd worn. The image and assumptions she'd made of the Prince had been proven wrong by the few words that she'd managed to hear when she'd eavesdropped on his conversation.


'I should have married her when I had the chance.'

The words rang through her head, his voice crystal clear in her mind. So the Prince had a past - typical really. She'd known to expect at least that much but she'd never considered the reason behind his distance to be the cause of a past lover.

Why am I even puzzling myself over this?

Zahra stopped mid-step, realizing the true question she had to ask herself behind the ruckus that had broken out inside of her. The Prince had nothing to do with her, infact she hated him. Then why...why did she even care in the first place whether or not the man was a broken-hearted shell? She shouldn't have followed Adrian in the first place. Yet she only continued to question herself further.

The sudden squeak of shoes against the floor caused Zahra to turn around, only to see Adrian walking out the throne room. His hands formed fists by his sides, jaw clenched in anger. He didn't even pay attention to her as he walked past in an angry pace, which only provoked further questions inside of Zahra.


"Now's not the time," he shot back over his shoulder.

Zahra frowned, irritated with the tone he'd used on her. Is there ever a time?

Hurrying back to him, she matched his pace, trying to stop the Knight as he hurried along the corridor before wrapping her hand tightly around his wrist and holding him back.

Adrian released a deep groan then turned around, looking down at her with a sharp gaze as his eyes met hers. "What do you want?"

"A clue to why you're friend yelled at me of all people," she retorted.

"It's really none of your business," Adrian hissed, wriggling his arm out of her hold but Zahra was strong enough to keep him from escaping.

"Maybe it is but I'd like to know."

Releasing a tired sigh, Adrian gave a stiff and reluctant nod. "I'll tell you," he whispered quietly, "but later. Now is really not the time."

Trusting his word, Zahra let go, letting her hand drop back to her side as she watched Adrian without a glance, turn his back on her and head off around the corner of the hallway. She had no idea what was going on and though she knew that it wasn't right of her to intrude, she still felt like she had the right to know - considering she'd live here for a while longer.

Yet Zahra knew deep inside of her that she was getting herself caught up in something more than royal drama. The Prince had his secrets, ones meant to be kept hushed. But she was letting herself into them, knowing that it would have its consequences. She could bear them.

The End

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