And So It Begins...

Ready as could be.

Adrian grinned, his gaze flickering away from the sole person within the audience and back to his competitor. Alexander had a rather calm expression across his face, withholding any of the emotions that he felt inside about the day's events. Instead, his mind focused on the game ahead of him, the game he was going to win one way or another.

Adrian had a weak point. With his left shoulder still injured, his agility would be a tad lower than usual. Alexander predicted that his friend's stamina would also be much lower, considering he was on medications that wore him down. But there was a rule that both the Prince and Knight played by in the arena.

Once in, all ties of friendship were lost. The one fought the other, with no emotions attached. For anyone to win a game of swordplay, they'd have to remember that.

Adrian brandished his longsword, the grin slowly fading off his face as a look of seriousness took over him. Alexander watched his opponent, circling him slowly and waiting for the right time to make the first move. Both of them did, watching eachother attentively.

But Adrian knew, Alexander had always been the first to attack.

In one split second, Alexander stepped forward, thrusting the edge of his sword at Adrian in one agile move. Ignoring the shot of pain that surged through his shoulder, Adrian blocked at the very last second.

Smiling, he muttered to himself, "This one's going to be rough."

Putting his skills of footwork to use, Adrian takes a step back, regaining his position before diving sideways. Their blades were but mere flashes and rings as they battled each other on the arena.

Zahra watched, eyes wide with interest and internally pushing Adrian on to win. She wanted him to, but doubt seeped into her. With his current injuries, would he be able to do so?

The two opponents traded parries and feints, each as forcefully as the other. Alexander stepped forward suddenly, aiming to knock the hilt of the sword right out of Adrian's hand but using a defensive move at the right moment, Adrian managed to negate the move.

He paused for the shortest of seconds, assessing his opponent. There was a determined light in Alexander's eyes, something he always had but it was of a much stronger level today. Adrian shook his head at himself, knowing what Alexander's purpose was for the fight: to please Zahra.

As much as he would love to follow the bidding of the Prince, no longer would that occur on the battle field. This game would be Adrian's. He'd make sure of it to be.

The End

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