Games of Words

A moment of silence pursued Zahra's soft outburst of questions. She watched Adrian closely but he composed a mask to cover his face that did not reveal the emotions he felt inside.

Why did he even care in the first place?

More questions of doubt and uncertainty sprung up in Adrian's mind - ones he wished he could answer. But he pushed them aside, letting a calm smile fall onto his lips which widened at the idea of teasing her.

"Don't you get your hopes up on a chivalrous Knight falling for you, my dear," he said, the grin widening at the murderous expression that crossed her face. "I'm sure that's every girl's fantasy - to have me be their sweetheart."

A redness rose up in Zahra's cheeks, matching the deep scarlet of her hair as she glared up at Adrian who still had that cocky grin on his face.

"Oh please. If anyone's in love with you here, that would be yourself. You're the worst narcist I've ever met."

She stormed ahead of him, trying to keep up with Adrian's swift pace. He laughed, raising his arms up on either side of him. "I'm only being honest - you know I'm irresistible."

The pain that shot through his shoulder made him cringe slightly. Adrian muttered something incomprehensible under his breath as he stopped the walk, adjusting the bandage. Zahra bit down on her lower lip and a look of guilt crossed her face but just when Adrian was about to meet her gaze, she covered it with a grin.

"Feels blissful, doesn't it?" She scoffed, gesturing at his wound.

Adrian answered with a wry smile, saying, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

Zahra laughed, the sound soft and airy. Adrian felt his heart thud unevenly against his chest but looked away the moment she turned to face him, instead pretending to tend to his wound.

"You know your facts." She grinned at him, oblivious to the whole purpose of the sudden conversation.

Adrian had easily managed to turn the spotlight away from the big question: why did he even care? Though he had successfully distracted Zahra from having that thought, it still loomed dangerously in his mind, warning him that maybe he was making a mistake over caring about her.

Was he?

The End

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