A Short Walk

The whistle of the birds on the silent palance grounds provided a comfort to the Knight that he'd been longing for. Ever since Sara had found her way into his life, he'd lost any peace of mind that he'd been having before.

Suddenly, Alexander wanted to replace Tia as mistress with Sara, in hopes of private fulfillment. He was using the whole 'to try and save her' as an excuse but Adrian could easily look past that and realize the true motive behind Alexander's desire.

As much as he cared about his friend and wanted him to be happy, he knew that gaining that through this kind of a wish was wrong. He thought of the Prince as his own brother but there was a limit to how much he could agree with, even if it were for his sake.

Sighing, Adrian lifted his hand to run it through his hair but then stopped, wincing at the jolt of pain that shot through his shoulder. It still hurt. Timidly, he reached over with his other hand and peeked under the bandage.

He'd seen worse but it still looked quite painful as Adrian made a face at the sight. The arrow had cut him in pretty deep, and a hole - the size of the tip - had pierced his skin right through. The gash throbbed whenever he made a single movement with his arm. The skin around it was a brilliant shade of red as well. All thanks to Sara.

Groaning inwardly, he fastened the bandage back on in the most delicate way possible before continuing on his walk down the royal grounds. The path was in the shape of an arch around the castle, with the forest joining it on the other side.

If she'd managed to escape earlier on, she could've easily made it back.

Taking a detour to the forest would have been the easiest way. But she hadn't; and her presence had only provided them more trouble. Not that Adrian didn't find her amusing, but enjoyment came after pain. And Adrian had to clear things up, fast.

Pausing, he sat down onto an unoccupied chair set near a sit-out table close to the gardens. He felt exhausted. After all getting back to the palace had been a long journey, and taking the medical treatments only added more to his weariness.

Just when Adrian was about to get up and head back to the palace, he thought he heard a rustle. Looking back, he saw a bush of red hair. Recognizing it to be Sara, she approached him tentatively from behind one of the trees.

Adrian frowned, confused.

What was she doing here?

The End

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