The Offer

The reddish glow of the sun as it set into the horizon seeped into the cracks of the curtains that fell across the window. Zahra paced back and forth, her mind rushing with thoughts on what she was going to do now.

The Prince had made it clear that she was going to stay till his father arrived.


Zahra puzzled over what he'd been about to say until Adrian had silenced him with a look. There'd been more, another choice he was willing to offer her. Zahra didn't like living in the pity of others and she wanted to have the control of her life to herself again. The fact that the Prince of Avana had already ruined that side of her made her furious.

Her family - what would they do without her? She was the strongest of the children and her two younger sisters were not at the age to hunt. They had no combat skills and not the faintest idea on how to set up a simple but handy trap for the target.

Zahra hadn't contacted them since the last time she'd seen them - that had been a good two days ago. They would surely be worried. She'd have to give them a message.

But how?

Sighing, she plopped down onto the bed, folding her arms in front of her chest as her eyes surveyed the room. No sight of a small crack out of which she could dig a hole, or anything else she could use as an escape tool. It was a compact and closed space meant to keep her in. There was no way she'd be able to get out.

The groaning of the metal caused Zahra's head to snap in the direction of the entrance. The familiar and handsome face of the Prince came into view as he stepped inside, looking around before his eyes fell on her.

A sheen of sweat broke out over his forehead, the light glistening off them enough for Zahra to see.

Giving him a fake smile, she scoffed, "Well you look positively radiant."

The Prince didn't answer. Instead, he pulled out the chair from the other corner of the room and set it down near her bed. Licking his lips, he looked a little nervous as his troubled grey eyes met the brown ones of Zahra.

Six words that gave her hope.

"I have for you an offer."

The End

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