A Proposition

Adrian's mind whirled with arguments he could use against Alexander for their next talk. He knew what was on the Prince's mind and it was downright unacceptable for Alexander to be thinking such things, especially after what happened with Tia.

Wordlessly, he led her down the long stretch of the hall and towards her dungeon where she would be staying temporarily. If Alexander had different plans for her and his mind was set on that, then Adrian wouldn't have a choice but to go with his decision. But maybe he could change the Prince's mind.

Sighing internally, he pushed the metal door open. It creaked noisily, the screws holding it together whining as it opened to the view of a small but comfortable looking room. The word 'dungeon' would definitely be inappropriate to describe it.

Curtains fell like two blankets in front of the small glass windows, causing a reddish glow to reflect on the dully painted walls of the room. A bed sat in the middle of the room with a dressing table to its left and a wardrobe as well.

The last way to possibly describe this room would be to call it a dungeon. Why bother using a word like that when this appeared like a luxury to Zahra? Her eyes widened slightly as she looked around.

Almost all her life, Zahra had lived in the forests. The feel of the soil against her feet and the sight of the never-ending trees that surrounded her had imprinted itself into her mind as 'home'. But this was so much more than what she'd first expected.

Adrian took a step back, muttering a quiet, "Bye," before leaving the room. Shutting the door behind him, he hurried back to the throneroom where he assumed Alexander would be. That's where the Prince spent most of his time but Adrian could never be sure. Especially not now.

If the thought that he'd read off Alexander was the right one, then this would be no normal 'talk'. Having a mistress was a huge deal, maybe not for the Prince but definitely to his best friend. Alexander had been through enough already and concern clouded Adrian's judgement of the matter.

But something else bothered him. Zahra was different from most of the commoners he knew. Something was unnatural about her and until he figured what it was, Adrian wouldn't let the Prince go through with the proposition.

The End

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