His Royal Companion

"Just another long day?" Adrian asked softly, a hint of a sad smile playing on his lips. Prince Alexander didn't reply, he didn't have to for his friend to know the answer to that question. Reaching out, Adrian placed his hand on his best friend's shoulder and gave it a light and reassuring squeeze. It was his duty to look over Prince Alexander - not as a knight but by the friendship that held them together.

As far as Adrian could think back to in his memories, Prince Alexander always popped up. Of course then, he'd just been 'Alexander' to him. He'd introduced himself that way. Little had Adrian known then that it would spark a beautiful friendship with one belonging to royalty.

Of course a lot of people had frowned upon this - especially Prince Alexander's parents and relatives. But that hadn't stopped him from socializing with Adrian - who was nothing but a commoner.

Alexander had been there for Adrian, for every step of the way in his life that he retraced himself to. But now, Alexander was the one who needed him - and he cared more than just 'enough' to return the favor.

"So where did you find her?" The Prince's soft voice broke the silence that had settled in between them.  His stormy grey eyes met the calm green ones of Adrian as he waited for an answer.

"I caught her hunting, near the forests. She'd passed the line that's considered to be the boundary between this Kingdom and the other, so I decided that there would be no wrong in taking her."

Adrian paused, a smile lighting his face as the memory replayed itself through his mind.

"She did a pretty good job of inflicting her anger on me - physically."

The Prince raised an eyebrow, not quite understanding what his friend meant. Sighing, Adrian loosened the straps that held the metal armor together, wincing as the muscles flexed slightly. A dry but large blood-stain could be seen on the cream-colored tunic - the spot at which Zahra had managed to pierce an arrow through his skin.

It still felt sore, and he knew that he'd have to treat it with some of the herbal medicines they had in the storage cabinets. But that could wait.

"Are you comfortable with her being here?" Adrian didn't want to defy the rules of the Kingdom but he would if the Prince told him to. This was his Kingdom after all. But Prince Alexander shrugged, returning his gaze out the window as his thoughts drifted elsewhere.

"She can stay...but just keep your eyes on her, alright?"

Adrian nodded, then bowed (a formality he had to follow, though the Prince hated it when he did). He exited the throneroom, heading towards the health wing of the castle. But he was more concerned about his friend.

The scars of the Prince were still to be cured. And Zahra being here might prevent that. But little did the two know that her presence would have more of an impact than they could possibly imagine.

The End

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