Dawn in Avana

Dawn was just breaking out, golden rays of the sun appearing on the thin horizon. The scene was quiet, the chirping of the birds being the only sound that could be heard in the calm town of Evaselington. Though it was the capital of the Kingdom of Avana, during the early mornings it was deadly silent. Curfews were assigned to the townspeople for their safety, and rule-breakers were rarely seen lurking around. But the trotting of the horse's hooves against the cobble-stoned streets signified something very different.

Zahra was just beginning to stir; her brown eyes fluttered open, adjusting to the glimpses of light that were entering the small settlement around her.

Where am I?

Questions popped up in her mind as she straightened her posture, sitting up before looking around her. The whinny of the horse startled Zahra, as she jumped slightly, eyes absorbing the setting quickly. At that moment, memories flooded back into her mind. And that was when she started to panic.

Zahra took in a silent but deep breath, trying to calm herself down. She was very conscious of the fact that she could feel a hard and thick rope binding her hands together behind her back. She was lucky enough that the man who'd captured her hadn't yet noticed that she was conscious.

What to do?

Trying to clear her mind, Zahra tried not to fidget but she remembered something that would come in handy. In the back pocket of her pants, she had a small but sharp razor and if luck was on her side, it should cut through the rope that restricted her.

Slowly rolling over her side, she opened her eyes the lightest crack and noticed that her kidnapper was adjusting the back strap of the saddle, his eyes far from her. Perfect timing. Quickly, she moved her hand forward, the rope cutting against the skin of her wrist. Slipping her fingers into the pocket, they made contact with the cold metal and bringing the razor out she begin to saw through the rope as fast as she could.

The sudden movement caused the man to look forward. His eyes passed over Zahra, eyes widening when he realized what she was doing. But before he could stop her, she moved back on the saddle, colliding her back against the metal of his armor. apping her head back, she glared at her kidnapper - staring into the brilliant emerald eyes in fury.

Before he could do anything to stop her, Zahra twisted her body, yanking the remaining but loose rope off her wrist and punched him hard. It was with enough force to knock him off the horse as his body made hard contact against the ground.

For a moment, Zahra was at an advantage. She had control of the horse and could easily make an escape. But she was in unknown territory, and was a stranger to the ways of this town. Risking the chance of being alive wasn't a game that she was ready to play when not in her own battlefield.

Sighing regrettably, she dismounted the horse, her worn sandals touching the cool surface of the street. At the sight of the man that she hated oh-so-much on the ground, she couldn't help but for a smile to play on her lips. Vengeance felt sweet.

Towering over him, she demanded, "Tell me where I am!" He didn't say anything, leaning against his elbow for support as he wiped the blood that trickled down the edge of his mouth.

Zahra won't be going down, not without an answer and definitely not without a fight. Bending down, she grabbed hold of the tunic beneath his armor, yanking him forward. "Tell me!"

But his face masked the emotions of confusion and hesitance that he felt on the inside. Zahra was forced into having no other choice. Pulling her hand back as it formed into a tight fist, she was about to give him another hard blow on the face when he blurted, "Evaselington!"

She blinked, unbelieving that he'd given in so easily. "You sure are cowardly for a knight," she scoffed, dropping her hand back to her side as she scanned the area. While she did, her hand slipped into the pocket on her waist-belt, seeking the dagger her father had given her. But the sharp touch of the crude metal was missing.

The End

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