A story about some fat soldiers

In the year 2065, America goes into war with Iraq for natural gas. Before they made their journey, they recruited soldiers to help with the war. They chose to pick homeless people from the side of the street because they had nothing to live for. They recruited Captain Skittles, Lieutenant FatWagon, and in charge of them all, was General Tubby. They also recruited many other soldiers. Now that they had soldiers, they were quickly loaded up in a truck and were on their way to Iraq.

But on the way, they stopped at 200 McDonalds, 147 Wendy’s, 420 Burger Kings, and 328 Taco Bells. As they ate, they started to gain weight and the truck started to slow down and tilt. When they finally got to Iraq they tried getting out of the truck, but realized that they couldn’t move. As they waited for help, the Iraqi soldiers found them and held them at gunpoint. As the interrogation  went on, the American soldiers noticed that they had their guns hidden in their fat rolls. After realizing this they pulled out the guns quickly and killed the Iraqi soldiers and stole the natural gas. On the way back to America, the soldiers went to a Taco Bell 478 times, when they were 15 minutes away from America, they all died of heart failure do to how fat they were.




The End

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