Day 2

So I might have just had a McFlurry yesterday evening with the flat mates. I couldn't help it, and it was only as I was in the queue that I remembered about the doughnuts.

Today was going well, until I had soup for lunch.

You see, normally, I love soup, but today it didn't taste nice, and so I used a lot of bread with it. So all the calories in the bread are now attacking me, like a little bread army in my stomach, and I feel bad.

On the plus side, that was several hours ago and I'm still not hungry. I had an apple today, which is a good sign but not really a big dint in the 5 a day idea. I'm starting to feel rather ashamed by my blatent disreagrd for my health.

I just feel as though I have no control over my stomach's desires.

I'm drowning in my food.

Someone help me.

Come on Miranda, pull yourself together. You're going to beat this.

You are going to beat this.

The End

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