The Fat Diary

A fun little story from a girl who is trying desperately to avoid getting too over weight but finding it hard.

Day 1

So for a while now I've thought my lack of funds would help me to stop eating those sugary delights that make it so easy to put on weight. But of course, things aren't that easy!

Today I went to Morrisons, just to pick up some drinks and some bread, you know, the usual. But I arrived just as the sale items were being labelled! Five doughnuts for 35p? How could I resist. And the bad thing is, once I've started eating them, I can't stop.

I've had this problem for many years; I can't buy a chocolate bar and not finish it. Some would say stop buying them then, but whenever I feel a little down, or it's a really good price, I feel like I might just have to.

Over the summer I lost a lot of weight with my rigourous exercise, and now I can feel it all piling on. It's stressing me out. But today I saw the 35p and couldn't resist! I picked up those doughnuts, and didn't even wait until I got home before I had one. I had one while I was still in the car park, and then that one was so nice, I reached in to my bag and grabbed a second. By the time I got home I'd eaten three, and as soon as I'd dumped my stuff down and took off my shoes, I was eating the fourth and the fifth. Now I feel awful, fat and a little sick. I don't know why I do it! I mean, something in my brain shuts down until I can only see one thing: the food.

I guess this food diary is my way of trying to prevent myself from eating as much rubbish, because I'll look back and go "Ugh, stop it!"

Well, that's the plan anyway.

So here I am, Miranda Hopkins, eighteen years of age and feeling like I'm going to become the same size as a sumo wrestler.


The End

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