The Elf In Love

The Elf's name Was Greves, Prince Greves to be exact. His father, King Lolen, the Cunning was the most feared mystic folk in all of the Farrs. He was so terrible, that even Lorks feared him enough to obey his every word  and the plants and animals give themselves up to be used at his whim out of fear. That's how the Womsab root became used to create human's dream real enough to transport them in the Farrs where those became and where sucked out of the human to also be used. In the human realm, the root became known as the carrot.


Even though his father was almost the spit image of the devil, Greves was a gentle, kind, loving elf. Whenever his father had some other sadistic thing to do, Greves would either cry, resist, or try to help which of course got his father hating him with the same fire he felt for everyone else. When the humans came in great hordes and were being sold into slavery, Loren bought Greves a slave to form him into his father's son. But in that moment when he met that human girl for the first time in his room, he felt a strange feeling of curiosity, pity, sympathy, and kindness. He helped her up and he brushed her off. He looked into her eyes which he hoped showed her his intensions were not evil.  There was so much fear in that girl's eyes that Greves started to tear up again.


"Girl, it's all right. You are all right. You will survive. You will not be forced to anything you don't want to do when we are alone. You must understand that you are not my property because a want you to be. Therefore, I will treat as my own for you are."


She still was horrified. Greves knew it was because of the root so he gave her new clothes, fed her and let her-exhausted, and still not in her right mind- sleep on his bed. He walked to the veranda of his suite and sat down, thinking about that girl. He had never seen a human like her before. All the other slaves in his father's palace were old and mindless and half-dead just like his father wanted. But this girl was so different, she was young and alive and beautiful. She was his.  Greves knew this wasn't right, this whole slavery thing, but his father would torture and kill him if he resisted him like this. Greves had to keep her as his property. He had made up his mind that this girl would be like no other slave. She would have stay with him and when someone was in the suite she would be working, but other than that she would be no more or less than a roommate.  She would be his only friend.


The End

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