The Farrs

Lydia Mackard looked at the clean wood floor. She trembled and shook like an earthquake. She was so nervous that meeting her master's eye was not possible for her. Lydia was terrified like a deer in an forest chased by a wolf. Except this time, she wasn't being chased. Instead she just stared at the clean, blank, floor, almost begging it for advice. She didn't know what to say or if she could say anything.  She didn't know how to think or what to do. All she wanted to do was to survive. When her master told her to walk toward him, she wobbled around like a cart with one wheel and was afraid that he would think she was ineligible and send her away to the murderous underground. The underground was a punishment place for humans who couldn't serve their mystical and powerful, elfin owners and lords. There was no food, no water and no place to relive you other than yourself. There were also the hard, evil, twisted, monsters known as Lorks that would be allowed to beat, torture and even kill them. The underground, as some folks say, was the Farrs's version of hell.

Lydia's confusion and disorientation was a result of the womsab root, a special plant that is used to lure humans over to the Farrs. But after the fact, the root can result in Confusion, disorientation and all that "root".  She wobbled and eventually, she fell. As she did, she knew her fate like she knew the book that her father had written about the Farrs, and she read it over and over again when her parents were taken by the folks of the Farrs all those years when Lydia's top priority was to remember her family. Now she knew that she was going to be thrown into the underground very quickly and die equally as fast. She started to cry as she waited for her master to react to her clumsiness in an explosive fashion. But he didn't. He just looked at her with his big, bright green eyes as though he pitied her like any tall, hansom elf would. The slowly, as if he was right behind a deer, he walked over to the scared and hysterical human.

He helped her up, and brushed her off as she looked into his eyes like a deer looking into the eyes of snake. Then he hugged her.


The End

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