17th July, 2077

Dear Diary,

The seventeenth of July, 2077 – I apologise for skipping a day. Despite the fact there is very little to do in this Vault – number twenty-four – I certainly found time to miss writing a Diary entry. Just to catch you up, yesterday we all took part in a health and safety program, which gave us the run down in an emergency. I still cannot believe that I was having such fun with my three roommates last night that I forgot to write my entry.

In contrast to the rest of the Vault, John, Anthony and George seem like brothers – three days in and we are getting on perfectly well. We discussed our lives outside the Vault well into the morning yesterday and then again tonight. I thought Anthony had the most fascinating story – short of boring you I will not go into it.

I feel there is still a reason why I get on well with these guys and typically no one else – perhaps I might attempt to branch out to others in the next passing of days, see where it leads me. There are friends to be made in here, but with every friend there are enemies to be made too – I will try my best to avoid such things.

Since the cutting in line incident on the second day, there has not been any real indecision by any of the occupants of the Vault. I heard a rumour that someone got a misdemeanour for insulting the Overseer’s wife, but all accounts this was false – for the Overseer was in far too good a mood this afternoon for that to have occurred.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned his name. Mr Aaron Metcalf is a very nice man, despite his top job he will always stop and chat with you if you initiate conversation. I’ve done so at least a half-dozen times since entering the Vault, the last few times he’d made a beam line for me, knowing what’s coming. Like my roommates I have no problem talking to him, it’s just the rest of the inhabitants that give me the creeps.

It’s getting pretty late now, my eyes are dropping. I should have more tomorrow if I don’t get caught up, though life inside this Vault is such a dull one that I sincerely doubt that to be the case.

Your friend,

Alan Weaves

The End

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