15th July, 2077

Dear Diary,

Please note it is the fifteenth of July, 2077.

Twenty-four hours ago I was somewhat excited, somewhat nervous about the months that were to come here in Vault number twenty-four; today has made me just that little bit more nervous. You may also recall that my first thoughts on my fellow Vault dwellers were, all be it at first glance, not quite the appealing types.

I think it is safe to say that my inability to correctly judge a person on first glance isn’t altogether nonsense.

In gaol like circumstances, it only took until lunch time for the first crack to form within this Vault. Two men fought in the cafeteria, over something as miniscule as cutting in line to get their food first – can you believe it? Humanity baffles me sometimes. At least as a consequence they both received several cuts and bruises from the fight, and then they were forbidden to get any food until dinner by the Overseer.

If you ask me, in his first confrontation, the Overseer did an excellent job. It was fair, in hindsight, my three roommates and I were discussing it not just an hour ago and we all agreed; neither one of us would have thought to do anything beyond breaking up the fight and putting them in different corners of the room while they ate. They picked the right man to put in charge; at least it seems so this early on, he has some work to do if this trend continues.

It seems to have worked too. I just heard some voices outside in the walkway and stuck my head out to see the two men who had been fighting in the cafeteria before, talking calmly to one another – almost laughing off their antics that had taken place.

Something still does not feel right in this Vault. How long until another confrontation like this afternoon takes place? If one occurs, will the next confrontation be more serious? There isn’t much to do down here besides sit around wait, people will become anxious and impatient; it is likely to be only a matter of time until that next event occurs.

Until this time tomorrow, I must go sleep, do stay brilliant won’t you?

Alan Weaves

The End

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