14th of July, 2077

Dear Diary,

It is almost ten o’clock in the evening on the fourteenth of July, 2077; it is official, one hundred and fifty seven people – including myself – now occupy Vault number twenty-four. I am now settled in number thirty-one of around forty rooms within the Vault, each contain an average of four people per room.

Along with myself are three single males, John Denver, Anthony McMillan and George Lachlan – they all seem reasonably sane and normal people, hopefully a sign that things are to go well in the coming months or years that we are in here.

The same could not all be said for the rest of the Vault occupants. Sure you are bound to get the unordinary and unstable dwellers every now and then, but I couldn’t help but notice during the meeting with the Overseer we had upon entering the Vault that there were a resounding amount of groups of people I myself would normally steer clear of.

This could just be my inability to correctly judge a person on first glance, but for the life of me I could not seem to comprehend spending my time in here with any other people but the roommates I share these bunks with.

Speaking of which, they are fast asleep, something I should be particularly since we have a five am calling in the morning. I do not have anything else to talk about right now, I suppose I shall start making these entries longer as the days go on, no doubt there will be things to talk about.

I will try to remember every day, but do not be discourage if there are days missing, I will make up for any lack of entry with the next.

Until we see each other again, do stay well,

Alan Weaves

The End

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