"I think," I started slowly "I think you need an explanation."

She didnt say anything but her face responded with duh!, How would i explain this? I had spent years at the special school just learning the history and reasons of the energys.

"Ok, first i guess i should explain about the energy you feel, or sence is a better word, there are tweleve different types of energy, that we know of and only around five are open to us. These are light energy, and  the four elemental energys."

"Ok , what about the others?" She asked

"Well only a couple of people, well infact only three have ever been able to unlock all of them, and even then they were far from mastering them."

"Are any still alive?" She asked, but i got the impression she didnt really care for an answer.

"Only one, but his wereabouts is unknown, now where was I?" I paused to think for a second. "I guess i should explain about the feather, and people like that, don't get me wrong, the workers of the dark energy werent always bad people, actually they used to walk hand in hand with the people of the light. I guess, well something big happened and the two fell out, the leader of the dark energy corrupted his people and thats why they are like they are today."

"something big?" She said questioningly, "And i still dont understand, what are statics? Why do you have these powers? What is your point? Where did they come from?"

Ok so i wasnt explaining very well.

"Our purpose is to protect this earth, you see, to cut a long story short, the place where the dark energy people come from was sealed away underground, and the humans had no idea. The thing is about humans is that they are not creatures of full soul, you know how they only use about 10 percent of their brain power? Well thats because if they used more they would become, frightful." I said pausing for effect, "When the humans were originally put here, which wasnt actually that long ago, we allowed them up to 90 percent brain power, but the creatures that were locked underground started to manipulate the humans so we were forced to react and had to limit their brain power to ten percent."

 "Right." She said, but i could tell she didnt get it.

"Anyway, every now and then and a dark energy being manages to get hold of a overaverage human and starts controlling them, thus the feather insident and the person following you. Their purpose is to get more overaverage humans to start an army, to rebel against the light." I paused again, trying to remember what else she had wanted to know about.

"thats right," I said " Statics, ok, statics are temperary humans, humans that are mear projections of humans, their brain power is limited to 2 percent which makes them easily controllable, by us and the dark alike. Statics are placed when the dark energys attack, trying to make the human feel at ease with all the people around them.For some reason, they want you."

I stopped and studied her, she had started playing with her locket again, it was quite an unusual locket, it was gold and in a diamond shape, but she was always fiddling with it.

I looked at my watch, it was 12:30 am, oops, must have got carried away again.

"You'd probably better get home now, what ever would your parents think?" I said, a weird look came into her eye and she got up and nodded.

"Do you want me to walk you back?" I asked her, but she wasnt even looking at me anymore.

"No, i'll be fine." She said before walking to my front door  must have been an information overload.

It didnt make any sence though, why her? Is it because she is vunerable, i always got the feeling she was a ten percent human, how could i be so wrong? There was something about her, something that worried me, i had the feeling she was keeping something from me.

I got up slightly unstable on my feet and walked to the door and opened it, she was about to turn to walk out when i remembered something.

"Your locket," I said "can i see it?"

She looked confused but turned to let me see it. I reached out to touch it, making sure to use my left hand, as i expected the pain made me wince and i had to bite my lip to stop myself shouting in pain.

How could i not have notice? How could she hide this from me? She had something special.

Something big.



The End

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