After that i followed her, i never let her out of my sight because i didnt know when she was going to get attacked or i suppose i had the hope i would see her parents and get a clearer understanding about why shes like what she is.

Though im pretty sure she knew i was following her i also knew she didnt have the nerve to say anything, though i saw her eyes change a few more times i never really saw any danger around her.

After four weeks it was half term so i decided to take a break, it was when i was sitting at home when i had an idea, i should probably talk to my aunt. My aunt was about fifty but she looked more like forty, she always decided to dress up like a gypse, but that was fine.

I grabbed my jacket and my phone and almost ran out of the house, she was a bus ride away but only about a twenty min journey so i was there in no time.

She welcomed me in her "House" like normal, it was more like a tiny, tiny bungalow bearly room for her and her army of cats who were protalling around me. I didnt really get her connection with them, they were cute as hell though, she had a new one every time i was there.

After a quick drink and a almost strained conversation about how the family was, she asked about school, like i had hoped she would, i explained over everthing, about the snake, the feather, the water and the eyes.

She listened without intertupting once, just nodding, the further i got into the story the more worried she looked, it seemed her wrinkles were getting deeper.

I also rather shyly admitted about me following her, and how i knew where she went most days.

"So is she near now?" She asked eventually, she looked down at her cup

"No, i didnt see any danger." I said, but she looked up at me like i had just said the worst thing ever.

"Let me get this straight, after all this, you left her alone?"

"Umm yes, but i didnt-" I started but was interupted, she simply held one finger to her lips, i sighed quietly.

I had a quick look outside, it had actually become quite dark, I suddenly became nervous, twitchy nervous.

"You said," My aunt said breaking my thoughts "That on tuesdays she goes to her friends, that she walks there and back."

"Yes bu-."

"And you said she normally leaves around fiveish yes?" She interrupted

"Yes i-"

"And you know the route, yes?" She interrupted again.

"Yes." I said giving up in trying to get my point across.

"Tell me the road she walks down, i will have a look." she said, sending a jolt of excitement down my spine, she had this really cool trick where she could look through the eyes of statics.

"um Great North Road," I started looking at my watch "She should be there now."

My aunt shut her eyes and her head started twisting weirdly, it looked almost painful, before her head settled and she didnt move, she stayed like this for about five mins.

I was just starting to get worried when her eyes snapped open making me jump, she didnt say anything, she didnt move her head she just reached blindly for the phone. When she had her hand on it she threw it at me.

"Call her, do you know her number?" she asked in a calm tone, making me feel more nervous.

"Umm yes its in my phone somewhere," i scrolled through the contacts and her number was there "Is sh-"

"shh" she interrupted, "Car now." she said it so calmly, it worried me more.

I got up and ran out side, she stumbled out about thirty seconds after, i could tell she was still seeing what the static was seeing.

"Call now." she said, she tried to get the car started, but it wouldnt, she started losing her calm and hit the wheel "Damn it!, just run its not that far"

Run? what was going on?

"I told yoy how to look through the statics, do it." I wasnt very good at that sort of thing but i didnt wait to be asked twice.

I pressed the call button and ran, she answered after the first dial.

"Hello?" came her voice,i looked through the phone to get to a static, it was infront of her so i had to make it keep looking round. It took a lot of effot

"Do you trust me?" I asked, i tried to sound calm but inside was like butterflys.

"I guess." She said, i suppose that would have to do. "Drey-"

I interrupted her "Listen to me, you might be in danger."

she stayed slient, i turned the static to look at her, she just looked confused.

"You can feel it cant you?" i said "Its behind you."

"What is?" came  her meak voice from the other side.

The thing that had created the static must have realised i was here and the statics disappeared, great, i was nearly there now.

"Drey? what is it?" she asked more firmly.

"umm," I was struggling after being detached so quickly " its like the feather, its coming after you."

I heard another voice on the end of the phone, must be someone speaking to her over there, seemed to be a stronger static. I couldnt make out what he was saying.

"Whos there Lucy?" I asked.

"An idiot thats who." She replied.

"Get away from him-" I started but the phone cut off. "Lucy." I shouted down the phone though i knew it was a waste of time.

One more corner to run, i started to sprint, i could see her the static had a hold of her wrist which had been holding her phone. I could also see water dripping from her left hand.

I ran faster because i knew the real creature was near by, she could see it too and tried to pull her arm away, from the puddles started trying to push him away.

I got to her three seconds later, she calmed down when i got there, i called for my sword and the static dropped her arm, the creature seemed to retreat.

"What was that Drey?" She asked

The End

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