I had to regain control over the shock, i had to, just looking at her i could tell she was suffering, the blood seemed to have drained from her face and she was physically shaking.

"Hey Drey, Whats going on?" She asked, i dont think she realised how much her voice trembled.

"I-i don't know," I stutter, damn it man get in control of yourself, your a proffessional, time to get some answers from her, like we had been tought "Lucy?" I asked.

She didnt seem to have heard me, actually she seemed to have become fixated on the feather, then she started shivering more and more, she looked like she was having a fit.

"Lucy," I said limply "Are you ok?" I knew that it was pointless asking because of course she wasnt, what do i do? i kept askng myself what had they taught us. Sitting, she needed to sit.

"Sit down Lucy." I said leading her, she didnt seem to put a fight, she put her head on the table and she seemed to be out of it. Great.

I was glad she was at the back because i could keep her safe there, i whispered to my ring and it followed my orders and a golden sword landed in my hand.

I could hear it coming near, the humans had fled and were outside which meant i had about 10 mins before they came for us, plenty of time (i hoped).

It had taken the form of a snake and was wrapping itself around the pipes on the wall, i could see it coming, but it didnt even look at me, it was looking straight at Lucy.

I swung for it, but it simply dropped on the floor, it moved surprisingly quickly toward Lucy, damn it. It flung itself to Lucy's direction, i only managed to elbow it, it just kept coming back for her.

Thats when it happened. I watched as the leaking tap started to gush water and headed toward lucy, it managed to block the snake every time making it hiss and hiss.

She must have had this defence burried deep in her mind, her subconsious must have realised the danger. It was a relife, the water started coming toward me but not in a bad way, just pushing me forward, thats odd like it had a seperate mind to Lucys.

It managed to hold the snake and with one blow i cut it clean in half, it screamed and fell I saw Lucys finger twitch and the water ran back, not a drop left, it even took the snake halfs with it.

The End

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