I felt it the moment i walked into school, and i was late, again. It was already near the end of period one but though i was never really worried about being late, this feeling however worried me like hell.

Its hard to explain, it was like someone pushing down on your shoulders and grabbing onto your legs, i suppose it was like fear, or expectancy and it seemed to stab into my heart, it made it harder to breathe, so i didnt hang around.

I rushed inside of school and signed the late register, i thought the feeling would stop once i was inside but it didnt, it made my hand shake and my name looked like it had been written by a two year old.

I headed to science which i wasnt looking forward to, I didnt feel too good, during the lesson i had to focus on breathing, so i stared out of the window.
A curious thing started to blow across the car park of the school which i could see from here, it was black and barley sat still, like it had a mind of its own. I noticed as it got closer to the school, to me, the more uneasy i felt, the more pressure was put on my shoulders, it started making my breath come out whispy.

Then the room went dark, but i couldnt bring my eyes of the black thing, i heard the chair infront of me scratch across the floor and i heard foot steps behind me, a tall figure stood next to me, for some reason the pressure let off slightly when he was there.

He was staring at the thing to, so i looked up, maybe he knew what was going on. When we met eye contact he seemed shocked, i recognised him, he was Drey in the other half of the year, the one without any friends, though i was one to talk. He just kept staring so i looked away rather embarressed.
"Hey Drey, whats going on?" I asked.

"I-I don't know," He stuttered, weird I never had him down as a stuttering one "Lucy?"

I looked back for the feather but it was gone, so were the kids, they had run out screaming long ago. Thats when i felt something else, like someone drawing down my back, it made me shiver.

"Lucy," Drey said "Are you ok?" He asked but his voice was getting hazy, i shook my head quickly.

"Lucy? " he said

I started to feel really odd and light headed, and i started shaking.

"Sit down Lucy," Came Dreys voice.

I did as i was told, then everything went black.

The End

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