Chapter X

I couldn't take my eyes off that man. I felt dazed for a minute. I shook my head, thinking that I was just seeing things since I was out for an hour and maybe my eyes haven't adjusted that well to the lights in the airport.

"Hey Markus. Uh- you and Arden go ahead. I'll just go to the ladies' bathroom" I said. "Are you sure? I can go with you and wait outside you know." Markus says to me. "No thanks Markus. It's just 5 in the morning, there aren't that many people around here. I'll be fine and quick, okay?"

As I made my way to the bathroom I saw the suited man again, my eyes went to his left hand and I saw it! He had the mark. I looked up to him and I think he was looking at me. I'm not sure though since he had his sun glasses on, but I had a strong feeling he was staring at me.

I decided to go back and as I turned, I saw another man sitting by the benches, reading the news paper with the red mark peeking from his sleeve. He slowly put the paper down and looked at me. I walked back faster, feeling uneasy. They know. But how?

Arden was waiting for me, "Come on. Let's go. Where's Markus?" I asked, anxiously. "I told him to go ahead and find good seats for us, now come on we might - Is there something wrong, Jane?" he asks me, noticing my worry. 

I looked back to see if they were still there and what shocked me was they have multiplied. There was one by the chair, by the comfort room, a group near the food stalls and one particular suited man coming our way. "We have got to go, Arden. Now. Let's go." I took his hand and we went inside.

Inside the plane, I noticed that there were only about 8 people. "Why are there only a few people?" I whispered to Arden. "It's more of a private plane, Jane. This was the earliest flight to Texas. It didn't cost much anyway" Arden replies. It caught me in a bit of surprise.  But, not wanting to be nosy, I kept my mouth shut.

We made our way to our seats and as I sat down, I fell into a deep sleep. 

The End

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