Chapter IX

I woke up on my bed. I tried to stand up, but I let out a grunt because of my nape. I touched it, and I felt some sort of band-aid. 

"Jane! You're up!" 

I looked beside me and I saw Arden, sitting with Markus on the couch. They immediately approached me and checked if I were fully fine. Then, I remembered what happened, slightly feeling delusional.

"Janette, where is she? Was it real, or was I just dreaming?" I asked them.

"It was real, Jane. And we have to get out of here as soon as possible," my brother, Markus, said obviously with fear. 

"Arden and I have fixed all of our things, payed all the hotel expenses, and booked a flight. We were just waiting for you to wake up, and we're off. We need to get out of here."

"Can you stand up now?" Arden asked me.

"Yes. But what happened after Janette brought me down? I don't remember anything after that."

"We'll explain to you on the way to Dallas," Arden answered.

"Dallas?! But that's in Texas!"

"Come on, we don't have much time!" 

I didn't ask any further question. I know it when my brother's afraid, and I didn't want to meet another dark angel on our way out of the hotel. 

The boys assisted me as if I were a helpless person. 

"Stop it, I can walk. I'm not disabled." 

One thing I surely hate is being treated as if I cannot handle my own self. I've been taking care of my brother for a long time, and if I would act like a dependent child, how would my brother trust me with his own life? 

We rode a cab all the way to the airport. Our flight was on 5:30 AM. I glanced at the airport clock, and saw it was already 4:25. I was out for less than an hour, thank God. I prayed to the Heavenly Father for guidance and strength, in hope of not encountering another Fallen being as long as possible. 

"What's this on my nape?" I asked my brother.

"That's a band-aid. Arden and I put it to cover some scratches the devil made." 

"Would you tell me what happened now?" 

"Ask Arden," said Markus.

"Arden, what happened after I blacked out? The last scene I remember was Janette burning in flames," I said, barely making any sound. We were in a public place; I didn't want to catch attention, in case someone's eavesdropping. 

"I heard a noise outside the door. I woke Markus up, and I was about to wake you. When I saw you weren't on your bed, I grabbed Markus's sword and ran out of the room immediately. Then I saw a female with black wings strangling you.

"I didn't think twice. I pierced its left side, and it turned into ash."

"So you saved me? Thank you, Arden," I said, regretting the times I doubted Arden. He was trustworthy, after all. He wouldn't have saved me if he were part of the Fallen species. Unless it was one of their plans - to lure me into their evil trap and gain my trust, then betray my brother and I at the moment I've completely let my guard down.

I shook the thought off. The man had just saved my life, why was I still being so paranoid? 

We waited, and waited. 

"Passengers of the 5:30 AM flight to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport may now proceed to Gate 3. Again, passengers of the 5:30 AM flight to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport may now proceed to Gate 3. Thank you, and good morning," the announcer said. 

The three of us stood up at once, and headed to Gate 3. I was beginning to feel ease. I know God and the angels were protecting me, Markus, and Arden. 

Until, I saw a man in a tuxedo with a red stamp on his left hand. 

The End

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