Chapter VIII

I woke up with a jolt. 

I was surprised with myself on how sharp my mind was when I woke up, since Arden and I stayed up late. I looked around the room feeling as if something was out of place, I hear a creak which was as if the person - if it was - was either just outside the hall or inside the room!

But I soon shrugged it off thinking that it might just be the wind and maybe I was just being paranoid. I lay my head down on the pillow to sleep again, when I heard another creak.

Once again, I looked around the room. Nothing was wrong with the room except for the mess that was my brother's clothes, but that feeling as if there is something out of place in this very room was growing stronger. I put on an outfit, took the sword that was given to me by my father years ago and set out.

It was 3:00 a.m. and I was a bit scared because that was the time where the dark, fallen angels are at their strongest. Although, truthfully, I was not afraid of them, I was afraid as to who might be with them. The dark angels had somehow formed an alliance with one of the most dangerous monsters known to different species around the world; 'in centum ones' which translated was 'the hundred ones'

They were the only things that can scare me, they were sharp and smart. Their skin as if to be decomposing, faces scarred, red yet scarred balls for eyes, long sharp nails that can easily cut through anything, huge, razor sharp teeth that seems to always have fresh blood and they were also excellent hunters. 

There was only one human who can control these monsters, but unfortunately she disappeared. The 'in centum ones' were afraid of nothing, as far as I know but -.

A loud creak has gotten me out of my train of thought, and now I was aware more than ever.  After checking the empty halls, I went back to our room and saw that the receptionist -Janette, who I've gotten fairly close with since the past few days - was there. Silently standing still facing our doorway. "Janette, is there something wrong?" 

She stayed still and silent. Now that feeling of something really out of place became a huge fire inside of me, as I went to grab her shoulder, black wings came out of her back that made me stumble and fall. 

She was a dark angel! She had me by the neck, strangling me. I was slowly getting unconscious due to the lack of oxygen. The last thing I saw was her dropping me down and herself bursting into flames.

The End

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