Chapter VI

It was late at night, but I still could not fall asleep. I kept on thinking about what Arden said, and yes, the dream.

I know it was a risky thing to do but, I felt like I need to warm myself up with a cup of coffee, so I went out to the nearest coffee shop to grab my self a warm cup of coffee. Arden stayed for the night, I had the feeling that he'll be a big help to me and my brother but, the dream really makes me frightened. Lacrimosa sure can poison anyone's minds, a poison that breaks trusts and strong bonds between people.

I sat on a bench, and after a few minutes, an old man sat beside me. "What's bothering you my dear?" He asked.

I was surprised, I always thought I could hide my emotions, that I was nothing transparent. But this old man, proved me wrong or perhaps, there was something unusual about him.

"Nothing actually, thanks for asking." I replied, trying not to dismiss him rudely.

"I do not believe you, there is something bothering you, tell me." The old man insisted, which made me a little irritated.

"Why are you asking anyways?"

"I just want to help. So, tell me."

Aware, I was, that the man would never get off my back unless I tell him about it. "It's about a dream,"

"Tell me more."

"Do you know those stories where a person is given a chance to choose between the good and the bad?"

"Yes, I know that."

"In my dream, my brother, was to choose between both things and an acquaintance of ours whom we trusted, betrayed us. Now I am afraid, I have the feeling that I could not protect my brother."

The old man smiled, and gave a gentle look at me. "You're brother is not the only one to choose, it is also you."


"In your dream, did you stop your brother?"


"You have the choice, it is either you stop him, or let him be a part of evil."

"How about our acquaintance?"

"Trust, it is indeed a risky thing to give, it is also very fragile, but you have to use your feelings, your instincts and give it to the person who you think deserves it."

I was speechless, all the things he said were true, I couldn't ask anything more. "I hope my little speech helped you, young lady." he said, and left.

I laughed to myself, "Young lady... if you only knew everything about me." I said, and went back to the hotel.

The End

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