Chapter V

What's happening here?
I looked at my surroundings and I saw my brother Markus with his sword.
Strange thing is, instead of it's usual holy glow... whenever I see it, it gives me a dark and grim feeling. Lacrimosa was in front of us and beside her was Arden!

I told my brother to fly with me, and I noticed that his sword was dripping blood at the end. As he stretched out his wings, it was black in color. 
"Oh no!" I mutter.
I stretched out to see mine, and mine was bloodied and full of cuts.

I saw my brother talking to Arden. He was holding a book I've never seen yet. I think Arden was persuading my brother to give it to Lacrimosa, after what seemed like minuted he gave it. Lacrimosa whispered something to Arden, he snatched Markus's sword from his hand and Lacrimosa appeared behind me, steadying me, holding me in place.

And right before my eyes, Arden killed my brother.

"I hope you enjoyed the show, little girlie. And you're next" Arden held the sword up high... I pleaded him not to continue do it and a tear fell on his cheek. 

Then I woke up.

I saw my brother wake up, getting his sword and saw Arden fall from the couch.
"What's going on, Jane?" my brother asks.
"It's nothing." I replied 
"Look Jane, I know you're having nightmares. Just tell me what happened." he says.
"No! It's just a stupid dream!" I said.
"Jane, if it's a dream involving anyone you know. You better tell us. 'Cause what you're dreaming might happen in real life!" Arden says, full of authority.
"What?! So you're going to bet-" I stopped my mouth.
"What is it?" Arden asks.
"Nothing. Can you just please go back to bed? BOTH OF YOU!" I say.

'Cause what you're dreaming might happen in real life. Arden's words kept on repeating in my mind. If what he said is true, I don't think we should trust him.

The End

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