Chapter IV

Bringing Arden back to the hotel was the scariest thing I've ever done. What if he was a fallen angel in disguise sent by Lacrimosa to destroy us? I remember my dream and I am suddenly unnerved with having him at my back, I should have had him walk first, so I could attack him if the situation proved necessary. Too late, we're just outside the door to my hotel room.

I turned around to face him and am caught off guard by how close he had been, he could have been close enough to strangle me. "My, uh, brother is in there." I told him,  I could hear the pleading sound in my voice. I unlock the door and stride inside.

"Markus?" I find him sprawled on the bed reading the magazines we found in the room. He sips his coke and looks at me. "We have a visitor."

Markus straightens and watches as Arden makes his way to the couch, farthest from us as possible.  "I know you're angels." 

Markus covers his nape but it's futile, between the both of us he has the bigger lines. His hand can't cover them all. "Are you a fallen angel?" He asks.

To my surprise, Arden laughs. "I'm not. Well, I am a child of an angel and a mortal.

"What?" How can there be a half angel and a half mortal? What do you call them anyway?

"Yes, so you've got your secret and I've got mine. Why don't we protect each other's secrets?" 

Markus narrows his eyes, "What are you implying?"

"Markus," Arden addresses, Markus stiffens and purses his lips. It's at these times he reminds me of dad and how he used to do that when he got upset. "I know you're an angel because my father was one. I've seen him before he turned into a fallen angel."

Markus' face shifts in surprise. It takes five minutes before I can find my tongue, "What do you want? You're not an angel." I say noticing his neck. No lines.

Arden's face turns grave, "He wants me to join him." Markus coughs and I remember why I went to the pharmacy in the first place, I hand him the pills and turn back to Arden, "So? What do you want?"

"Take me with you," Arden suggested.

"Are you crazy? We can't do that! Right, Jane? If his father wants him to join him then he'll be hunted. If we let him come with us, we'll be hunted too! That's would endanger the mission!" says Markus.

I consider this, while looking at Arden.  It is true that we would be hunted and it would all be over. That was dangerous. But he knows our secret. He might tell it to everyone he sees. We'll be exposed and every fallen angel would be on our trail. Maybe even Lacrimosa. That would be even more dangerous.

"Fine. You can come but we don't want any trouble and you have to make yourself useful!" I add for Markus' benefit. He gives me an evil glare and walks to the bathroom, leaving me and Arden alone.

Arden smiles, "Thank you. I promise not to let you down. But," He says "you have to make sure to tell no one about my secret. I won't tell yours either. Deal?"

I look at his face, he is still smiling and I notice how white his teeth are. His eyes are a conflicting color of blue and green. It's like when you blink, the color would change into the other. 


The End

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