Chapter III

The cool breezes of winter was  blowing through the window. And my sickly younger brother Markus, caught a cold. 

"You alright alone? I'm just gonna buy some medicine for you." I said, as check his forehead, checking if he got fever.

"Yeah, take care."

"Don't do anything stupid here."

"I won't."

I closed the door, and got out of the hotel. The closest pharmacy was just a few strides away from the hotel, so I didn't need a cab to get Markus a medicine.

Connecticut was so beautiful, I went around to look as I walked my way to the pharmacy, I was too distracted with the view that I didn't notice that I bumped someone on the way.

"Sorry." I said, and rushed off to the pharmacy in shame.

As I got in the pharmacy, I took what I needed and went to pay for them. "The total costs 10$. "

"Oh no..."


"My wallet, it must've been gone." I went to check around when the same guy I bumped tapped my shoulder. "Um, is this your wallet?"

"Oh goodness! Yes! Thank you!"

I went back to the lady and paid as I took the medicine. "Thank you for returning my wallet. What's your name?"

"Arden. You?"

"Jane. Nice to meet you Arden." 

"It's getting late, have you eaten your dinner."

"I haven't."

"Want to come with me? I know a restaurant here."

"Sorry I can't. I need to give these to my brother. " I said ruefully, I wanted to come with him and meet a new friend but I can't, Markus needs me. Arden looked at my nape, and he was quite shocked. He went closer to my ears and whispered. "You're an angel aren't you?"

"How did you know?"

"You may want this to be confidential don't you? Let's talk about this somewhere. Where do you live?"

"In a hotel just a few strides away. Hurry, it's getting late Arden."

The End

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