Chapter II

Markus and I settled in at a hotel.  I was happy with the room we got- the view is nice! 

"I could see New York from here!" Said Markus happily. From the view, we knew we were near the Big Apple. 

I was tired, so I put on my pajamas, said my prayers and went to bed. I saw Markus still looking at the view. I sometimes forget that I'm 490 years old and he's 480, since we look like teenagers. 

"Hey, aren't you going to sleep?" I asked him.
"In a while, 'kay?"
"Okay, just make sure to turn off the lights and the TV." 

I closed my eyes and fell asleep.  

A girl went inside my room through the window. It was Lacrimosa.
'Well, well, well. If it isn't Jane, daughter of Melinda and John. What a lovely angel, too bad I would not see you in that form for too long!' Exclaimed Lacrimosa.
'Lacrimosa, stop this foolishness! You will never stop the angels!' I replied with a furious voice.
'Oh really? Markus! Why won't you tell your little sister here to JOIN US?' 
Markus walked and said 'I'm sorry, Jane' 
I started to kneel and cry. I tried to stand up, but I just can't. It hurts me to see Markus's hand stamped with a red "Void" sign.'What now, Jane? What now?!' Shouted Lacrimosa. 
'Why Markus, why?' I cried.
I saw Markus walk away, pretending he didn't care for me.  

I opened my eyes, got up panting, palpitating. It was just a dream.
"Just a dream, just a dream! Thank God it was just a dream."
I wiped off the tears from my cheeks and looked at Markus, sleeping. 
I turned on the TV, and decided to just stay awake so I can watch Markus. I will never let that happen to my brother, never.  

- - -

"Jane? Why are you up so early?" 
"I didn't sleep--no, I can't sleep."
"How come? Did something bad happen?"  

I was about to tell my dream, but I didn't want to freak him out.

"No, I just didn't feel like sleeping." I told Markus.
"Now that's surprising."

The End

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