Chapter 1

Hello there. My name’s Jane and I know I look like I’m 23, but honestly I’m 490 years old. I was born on October 31, 1521. By my age, I’m pretty sure, some of you have already guessed that I’m not human! I’m an angel! I have but only one relation in the entire universe! And he is Markus, he’s my little brother, he’s 10 years younger than me. We were both sent down to Earth, because we have a mission. To stop more angels from falling! You know, like to stop them from worshipping Mister you-know-who down there.

When I was 134, me and my brother lost our parents, oh wait not just our parents but ALL our relatives in a fight. They were fighting with the fallen angels. One of the fallen angels named, Lacrimosa killed my parents with just one move of her sword. I promised to my parents that I won’t let anger ruin my life. So I TRIED my best to forget about that wretched Lacrimosa to no avail.

No one knows the truth about me and my brother, if anyone finds out, they might get my brother, and I don’t want to lose my brother! I came down to earth at the age of 100, in my brother’s case, he was 90. We had lived our whole lives running, hiding and sometimes fighting with some fallen angels. 

My brother Markus, was always the best when it comes to combat. I am more of the intelligent, wise ones. We seldom fight back, because I’m too afraid that I might lose my brother! I wouldn’t want to risk it. That’s why we mostly fight, because he wants to fight back, but I want to run and hide, just to be safe!

We’re now settling in Connecticut! I picked this place, because my mother guarded her first human here in Connecticut. When she was still alive, she would have kept repeating that story over and over again. Hey, maybe there aren’t any fallen angels here!

Boy, was she wrong! 

The End

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