The Enigmatic Newcomer

It was crowded in the Inn this evening.  Much too crowded for the likes of the robed newcomer.  He felt unprotected among the commoners of this middle-class inn, which included too many Fallen Knights and travelers.  Both could be a danger to him if he was recognized, especially the knights who were most likely alerted to his crime by now.  Discovery, however, was a risk he had to face by entering this inn.  His only other choice was to take shelter in an inn of ill repute in the slums.  However, he was tired and hungry from his forced trek across frozen ground and through bad weather conditions the last day and a half and knew that he would be no match for a desperate cutthroat slipping through his window in the night.  Thus, he chose the lesser of the two evils and hoped he could get a room in a better part of town quietly without drawing any attention to himself.

As he seated himself at a small, shadowed table near the back, the waitress asked him what he wished to drink.  He fully intended to disregard her question and inquire about a small room for the night when a faint glimmer caught his grey eyes.  The light was reflected off of the flowing sliver blade of a finely wrought short sword hanging from the belt of a sturdy dwarf at the next table.  The dwarf was engaged in a card game with a young officer of the Iron Claw, but the newcomer's eyes fixed on the pommel of the sword, recognizing a symbol engraved there.  

Forgetting his previous intentions, he ordered a glass of weak wine quickly to be rid of the waitress and began to watch and listen, knowing that his risk increased with every minute that he remained in this heavily trafficked commons.  But he must discover more about this dwarf.  He must remain until his suspicions were confirmed.

The End

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