The fallen chandelier

Young girls jealousy turns to mania, as she plots revenge, on a group of friends who left her for dead

                                       The fallen chandelier

The party had gone well, James Forbes MP, had been appointed Minister for Foreign Affairs. The title was ironic in itself. Forbes was the golden boy of Parliament, this years wonderkind, with all glories there is a past, and his was going to catch him up, sooner than he thought. To the press Forbes had done it so smoothly, from Secondary Modern, to University, then onto a junior post, now years later, here he stood in Parliament, with all before him.

Walking from Number 10, Forbes thought he caught sight of a face from his youth, but on second thoughts, he thought better, as it could not have been her.

    No ! He told himself, ‘she is dead, I saw the accident for myself.’

As he tried to recall what had happened, all the years peeled back, like opening up a nasty scab, and seeing a raw wound again, one, you thought had healed. It was the summer of 1979, he was at a friends house having a few drinks, when Margaritta Perlmann, the dark haired German girl walked in.

The beer was flowing well that night, to show off to the new girl, he had leapt for the chandelier, hanging 50 feet above the floor.

   Dont do it ! cried Angus Farris, as he watched his friend leap It wont support you Jimmy !

Blinded by the beer, and the urge to impress the girl, he jumped and got a grip, as he did, the chandelier ripped from the ceiling, just as Margaritta walked below, hearing the commotion, she looked up, to see the chandelier, rip from the joist, and coming crashing down on her.

James was lucky, the beer made him roll, as a drunk will, he got away with a few cuts and bruises. As for poor Margaritta, he never knew, and nobody ever told him, it was their secret. Friends told him, she had died from a  massive head wound caused by the glass shards, and the fallen chandelier. As the years went on, he forgot about that night, and got on with his career in politics, yet, at the back of his mind, there was always a niggling thought.

What did happen to her, after I left the party ? he had asked everyone there over the years. They had the story down, so well, and that is what is what concerned him.

 How can so many people have the same story of an event, and tell it the same way ?

      And why wont anyone tell me truth ?

The rising son of the media, had to be blameless the friends had all agreed, and so the whole incident was uniformly forgotten, and never mentioned again. Now 15 years on, she had returned, for what though. As he walked across to his car, she stopped him dead in his tracks

Hello James, you will not remember me ! But I never forgot you !

Chills ran down his spine, it was not just who said it, but the way she said it, never in all his years had he felt so scared of anyone. There was so much venom in those words, he had no doubt, she was going to make him pay for every thing she had suffered through.

   M, M, M, Margaritta ! he stammered.

    Or what is left of her, after your friends, and 12 years in an institute have drained my soul !

    I did not know what happened that night, after I left !

    And you made no effort to find out either,  the rising star and golden boy !

   Y, y, you have to believe me, I did try, just the others covered up my terrible accident, I am sorry for what happened to you .

    You, sorry, if that wasnt so pitiful I would laugh at you !

As she stood before him, face covered , she pulled her hair away from her face to reveal a face torn to shreds by glass, and massive scarring from surgery, the one gorgeous features, now mangled.

All your friends clubbed together to send me away to a clinic in Denmark, where they could keep me locked away !

I, I, I did ask about the unusual payments being made, but they said it was a memorial fund in your name, for car crash victims.

Well the truth is out now, isnt it, and I have come for payback James !

   I will give you any money you want Margaritta.

    MONEY, you rich kids, think you can buy anyone off.

  Do you think money, can get my looks and the life I was going to lead back, the family I never had the chance to see, money cannot replace the hurt I feel, when people look at me, and see this !

'What are you going to do ?'

   That is for me to know, and you to worry over James ! Just tell the driver to go to St. James’’ church, and we will see from there.

     St. James on Clare Avenue ?

   The same. And to clarify your next thought, yes it is due for demolition tomorrow !

I thought it so ironical that your last hours, should be in a church, of your name, where you and the others can pray for your souls.

  As the car pulled up to the derelict church, James saw through the broken doors and windows, that all the party from years ago, had been amassed together.

Margaritta walked into the church, going to the pulpit she said to the gathered and scared crowd below.

 Took me 3 yrs, to find all of you, my havent you done well, since we shoved me away, so you could have a life, I never got the chance, I cannot take the years back, nor can I have what I should have had, all this time !All I can do is, to stop you now, from enjoying it more.

Looking around James saw them all, gathered for the 1sttime since that night, Carol Palmer, Frances Torrington, Jack Holder and Angus Farris, trussed up like turkeys for Passover, helpless.

Jack Holder, head of the local engineering firm Holder, Parker & Thomas was first to speak.

   When did they let you out Margaritta ?

Margaritta did not answer at first, all she did was look around the group and laugh in their faces as she said:

They didnt Jack, I killed 3 men with my hands, and escaped, spent a year on the run, living on berries and hiding in the daytime !

 None of you ever checked, after the 2nd year, at the clinic, I got transferred to an Institute for the criminally insane, as all I talked of, was this moment, I had it fixated in my mind, from then until now !

  The irony of the whole thing was I set the chandelier to fall, I paid the cleaners to make sure a few bolts, were loose. It was supposed to fall on you ! as she said this, Margaritta looked straight at Carol Palmer.

Shocked Carol stammered:  W, w, w, why me ?

    Back then, all the boys were after you, none even cast me a glance Carol, you had it all, looks, brains and charm.

    Right, you have until 7 30 in the morning to free yourselves and get out if you can !

 Why did you say if ?

  You will see Carol.

Looking at her watch Margaritta said:

  Soon as I leave, and lock this door, you had better get started, as you only have 4 hours now !

Saying that, she walked to the cross, crossed herself and walked down the aisle laughing manically, knowing a secret, they would find out soon enough. As the door closed slowly on its hinges, the first signs of dawn showed through the stained glass. Daylight beckoned the group, as they finally saw their predicament, perched high on the upper balcony of the Wesleyan church.

The church had been  in disrepair for so long, very few timbers remained, and it was clear to Angus, if anyone tried to move, the whole group would crash through the balcony, and fall into the Charnel house, they could see below, filled with skeletal bones, from the early days of the church, and containing Lord only knows what bacterial infections.

  We had better get going, if she is right we dont have any time !  Frances yelled at the group.’ If one of us can get out, we can try to stop the bulldozers !’

    You could not be more wrong Fran, if you tried love ! Jack said.’ This was meant for our payback, and the first person to step on the wrong board, and we all end up down there !’ he said nodding to the Charnel house below.

       ‘Another thing, she made sure, escape was impossible, Fran !’

       Sorry, am I missing something here Jack ?

    Yes, Fran. Whilst she was talking, I was looking at our ties, and noticed they are done similar to a Chinese finger puzzle.

       Meaning what? Carol asked.

        The more we try to get free, the tighter they get ! Angus finished.

As they group sat there, waiting for the inevitable, they heard the sound of the bulldozers approaching, just as Carol was going to yell out, the iron ball came smashing through the stained glass window.

James and his friends, died as Margeritta had lived all those years, cut to ribbons by broken glass. She got her revenge, standing across the road, she laughed maniacally as told James’ driver:

    ’To the airport, and make it quick please.’     

The End

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