The Fallen: Book of Secrets

Vahliana Risovel, a Guardian of the Teriosec empire, must protect her charge, Fiona, at all costs. The Navis, born to help calm the chaos surrounding man, is in grave danger. She is wanted for dead, and those wishing to see it through will stop at nothing until the deed is done. Vahliana must sift through secrets and lies to uncover the truth behind Fiona's existence and in the process question everything she once knew.


The sands and waters of Time have been rippled.  They ache—screaming for the tales woven into its strands to be heard.  They echo through the vast universes that exist.  The echoes become louder and louder until the moment when the greatest of the hidden stories is finally told.  The time for one such story, is now.

No one could have predicted the events that lead us here.  No one could have foreseen the intricate lies that would lead us to become the Fallen.  But perhaps…perhaps it is because no one saw it coming that made it inevitably occur.  Some say we are what once was.  Others say we are what has yet to come.  In truth, we, the Fallen, are both.

It was not always like this.  I did not always stand alongside the Fallen.  In fact there was a time when I stood against them—but that was before they were called the Fallen.  I believe I am getting ahead of myself though.  Perhaps I should start at the beginning….

We are the Teriosec, the unseen race that co-exists with man.  We exist right in front of their eyes; for as long as they have existed, so too have we.  Yet we are unknown to them.  The Teriosec, my people, are not born quite like man.  With each human child that is born, a Teriosec is born to them – a daemon.  We are ultimately just that, a daemon—an entity that is a reflection of man’s soul.  Good daemons, those born to a purer soul, appear more angelic.  Evil daemons, those born to a more corrupt soul, appear more demonic.  However, most daemons appear as a combination of both since man’s freewill allows for both good and bad choices.  Forever my people are connected to man, and through this connection, we have tried to help them control the chaos that surrounds them.

The Teriosec, like man, have laws that govern our kind.  It is the Council, a group of previous daemons that has greatly helped mankind that regulates that which rules us.  Nine male members sit upon the Council thrones.  Through time, they have regulated our interaction with man.  When we first began to help man steer away from the violence that ruled them, the Council began blessing select human children with the gift of Sight.  These humans became known as the Navis.  With the gift of Sight they were able to see us, to communicate with us.  However, this “gift” came at a great price.

Each child born with Sight is cursed with the darkest of our daemons.  It is the unfortunate consequence of the Sight.  The Council has always said that this infection of sorts, as unfortunate as it is, is meant to test the Navis, to make sure they were strong enough to handle whatever life would throw at them.  The Navis were our human vessels.  We used them as a connection to the world, to express to it that which the Teriosec have tried to help with all these years.  Every twenty or so years a new Navis is born.  This is because of the terrible results of the dark daemon’s presence.  Most Guardians, a protector given to a Navis, are unable to find their charge, the Navis, in time, which means that the dark daemon will almost certainly take over.  It is unfortunate to say, but dark daemons do not take over by influencing a Navis’ decisions.  A dark daemon wins by killing its host.  And unless the daemon can be sealed away before the Navis is born, it achieves its goal within twenty years.

Each child that is given the Sight is bestowed a Guardian.  I, Vahliana Risovel, am a Guardian.  Once a daemon myself, I am the first female Guardian.  At any one time, there are only five Guardians that exist.  Trained by the Council, the Guardians are given immortality and certain abilities to help protect their charge.  Just before a child is born the Council tells a Guardian of their charge.  However, we are never told where they are.  The ultimate job of a Guardian is to find their charge and protect them from their dark daemon.  Over the six millennia that the Navis have existed, the only way to ensure protection from their daemon is to find them before they are born and seal away the evil entity.  It is unknown to the host that their Guardian is not their daemon or even that they carry an evil one within them.  But humanity has never been able to overcome the evil of this daemon without the help of a Guardian.  Not in six millennia…


The End

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