Shifting Times

"Please! Please, let me explain!"

Lucifer's eyes began to lose their red tint, and he began to fold his wings.

"Then do so.  And quickly."

"After God died, and you, y-you left, things where in chaos! I had no-AH!"

Lucifer hammered the hilt of the sword with his fist, driving the golden blade further into Michael's foot.

"I said EXPLAIN. Not EXCUSE. Continue."

"When God died, it was as if civil war broke out! We were divided- those who wanted to get you to run things, and those that thought we Archangels were fit to do the job."

Lucifer gripped the sword's handle, ready to push it in further.

"Go on."

"So we fought, and the Archangels won! Simple as that. Could I PLEASE go now?"

Lucifer used his sandal-clad foot and stomped on the sword, driving into the ground and severing Michael's foot. Michael began to scream, but was cut off by a quick hand gesture from Lucifer.

"Listen closely, BOY. The only reason I'm not killing you right now, is because I promised the Father that I'd keep you brats safe," Lucifer growled, gesturing to the carnage behind him. "I also promised him to keep out of Heaven's affairs, and I shall not fail Father like I did during The Fall."

Michael grimaced, his foot slowly regrowing as Lucifer spoke.

"I am going to leave. I have heard ENOUGH of your blithering to know things need to be changed. Clean up your act, BOY, or there'll be HELL to pay."

Lucifer turned around. Michael began to get to his feet, his foot almost fully reformed. He fell down again, Lucifer's chains still binding him to the wall.

"And you can stay there until your pitiful minions free you. I am leaving."

Lucifer strode out, waving his hand once more, bringing his staff to bear.

The End

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