The Fallen Ascendant

"An apology for the Devil - it must be remembered that we have only heard one side of the case. God has written all of the books". - Samuel Butler What if our perception of Good and Evil was wrong? What if light and darkness were not inherently good or evil, simply two sides of a coin? What if the judeo-christian mythology was borne out of a misunderstanding? A compromise? What would we think? Inspired by Paradise Lost, this is my exploration of the above themes.

Lorelei walked down the darkened stairs, the dry, hot air wafting through the dark corridors. The hallways were crumbling slightly, and the holes in the roof let in a hint of flickering, flame-born light. Turning a corner, her hands feeling along the cracked walls, she came upon the set of gigantic double doors, built into the wall of hall. 

She knocked.

"Lord! Lord Lucifer!"

An old, tired voice came from within.

"Is that you, Lorelei?"

"Yes, Lord. May I enter? I have news."

Lorelei shifted uncomfortably in the hallway, clutching a charred piece of rolled parchment, bound with a faded, golden rope.

"Of course."

Lorelei pushed open the doors, entering the gargantuan halls within. Despite the room's size, the decor was spartan- naught but a wooden throne, a desk, a closet, and a small bed. Sitting upon the throne was Lucifer, his old, weary eyes closed. Lorelei moved towards the throne, and fell into a kneel, her wings outspread. 


Lucifer motioned for her to stand. "There is no need to grovel before an ancient being like me. Stand."

Lorelei began to fold her wings, but was cut off. 

"Is it not hot, Lorelei? Feel free to stretch your wings out. News?"

Lorelei made a motion to bow, but stopped herself, and handed the parchment to Lucifer.

"It is a message, sire. From the Archangel Michael."

Lucifer threw the gold rope on the floor, and unrolled the parchment.

"What does the fool want with us now?"

Lorelei shrugged. "I would not dare to open the message without your consent."

"You know that such gestures are pointless. You would have learned eventually, no?" asked Lucifer. "No matter," he said, looking over the message. He began to chuckle softly. "Michael wants me to help him, without even telling me why? I suppose he shall never learn, the upstart."

"What would you have me do, Lord?"

"Oh, Lorelei, eager to serve, as always. Fetch me my cloak and staff. I shall go to meet the youngling who thinks himself better than us."

"Do you wish to have a retinue?"

"No, I think I shall go alone. I have not been up top for quite some time; the novelty will make for a spot of fun."

"As you wish, Lord," spoke Lorelei, walking to Lucifer's closet. "I think I shall relax a while, on Earth, if that is alright."

As Lorelei handed Lucifer his tattered cloak, and gnarled, charred walking-staff, Lucifer nodded. "I grant you permission. Enjoy yourself, and take a break. I know you've been busy since you took over Beelzebub's duties."

"Thank you for your generosity, Lord."

Lucifer nodded gravely, and gestured for Lorelei to leave his room. Once Lorelei had cleared the doors, Lucifer stepped out of his throne, and vanished.

The End

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