My Birthday!!!Mature

'Your r-real family?! Wow! Umm...' she looked at us in shock, 'Well ... umm ... come in! Do you want a drink?' My mum smiled and nodded her head and walked over to the living room.

'No thank you!' My family all went in the living room and sat down I followed and noticed my adopted dad look at them in confusion then looked at me

'Who are these darling?' I smiled

'My real family!' He looked at me then my family in shock

'Real?! Wow! Well it's nice to meet you! How did you find them?!' He said, now looking at me

'Well I was looking online and got talking to my brother Maelgwyn and found out that they were my real family! They gave me up at birth because of problems in their hometown, but Maelgwyn was old enough to stay but I wasn't!' He still looked shocked

'Wow... umm... okay... I'm glad you found them! And what a good timing too!' I nodded and smiled and sat next to them, I noticed my family looking around in shock as my house wasn't as big and grand as theirs. I looked at the time and noticed the lottery was on now

'Oh my god the lottery's on!' I grabbed the remote and turned the TV on, my adopted dad, it felt strange saying that as I had two dads and two mums in the same house, looked at me in confusion.

'Mum and dad bought me a lottery ticket!' He looked at me in shock as I said mum and dad, I ignored him and watched the TV as the balls started to come down, the first ball was 16, not good! The next ball was 19, I 'yay'ed, the next ball was 39, i 'yay'ed again, the next ball was 7, again I 'yay'ed, the next ball was 49, again I 'yay'ed, I heard my adopted parents gasping, the next ball was 13, i 'yay'ed more excitedly, the bonus ball was... 1! I gasped then jumped up and started screaming in excitement, my adopted parents were looking at me in shock

'You have got to be kidding me?!' My adopted dad said, 'You can't seriously have won?!' He got up and grabbed the ticket comparing my numbers with the numbers on TV and gasped, my adopted mum then came over and did the same, I was still jumping around in excitement, she gasped then they ran over to me and hugged me in excitement! 

'I can't believe I've won 200,000 pounds!!!'

'Oh my god! What are you going to do with it?!' My mum asked, I calmed down although still excited

'Well I was thinking of going around the world! With my real family!' I said looking at my real family, she were all smiling at me, I looked back at my adopted family as she looked at me saddened

'Y-your leaving us?!' My mum said,

'Mum, I'm nearly 21! Of course I'm going to stay for my birthday! But I've just found my family and got 200,000 pounds! I want to get to know my family more and explore the world!' She smiled and hugged me tight

'Okay honey, I'm sure you will have a wonderful time! Remember to phone and write to us!' I nodded and hugged her

'Of course I will! Now we need to get this party ready!' She smiled and nodded

'Yes of course!' I turned to my real family

'You wanna help?' My mum nodded 

'Of course!' I smiled and they got up and we all helped make the house look more partyish! After a few hours we had finished, we went into the kitchen and sat down and had a drink and something to eat.

'Thank you for helping us,' my mum said looking at my real family

'It's no problem at all!' My real mum said smiling

'The only thing is where are you all going to stay?!'

'Well Maelgwyn could stay in my room! And mum and dad could sleep in the living room! It's only for one night, I'm sure they'll be fine!' My mum and dad nodded

'Okay then!' I smiled then took Maelgwyn up to my bedroom, before we went in I stopped outside the door and looked at him

'Now you may be shocked and will probably hate this room! Just thought I would warn you!' I looked at me in confusion as we went in, my room was very girly with pink walls covered in lots of drawings and posters of twilight and jeffree star, my double bed had bright pink bedcovers, he looked around in shock

'It's PINK!' He made a belching sound, I laughed and sat down on my bed

'Yep! And you are sleeping in here tonight, so deal with it!' He hung his head

'Oh for fucks sake!' I laughed again, he came over and sat down on the bed next to me. 'You couldn't make it a little more gothic could you? For your own brother?!' I sighed

'Fine! I will get some black bedcovers!' He smiled

'Thank you sis!' He hugged me and I smirked

'But I will be getting you back! Mark my words! When we get back home, you better watch out ... for something pink ... in your room!' He looked at me in horror,

'Fuck you!' I laughed evily. Instead of leaving the room to get the bedsheets I sat in the middle of the bed and closed my eyes and took a deep breath and clicked my fingers, I heard Maelgwyn gasped and I opened my eyes, the bedcover was now black.

'H-how did you do that?!'

'Magic obviously!'

'B-but you're so new to magic! It took me ages until I could use my powers like that!' I smiled

'Well then, I'm obviously much more special than you!' I looked at me evily

'Fuck you!' I laughed and laid back on the bed and sighed.

'Today has been the most strangest yet most amazing day ever! I've met my real family and found out I have magical powers! I find out I have a brother and I live in some huge mansion! It's a lot to take in in one day!' He chuckled and laid down next to me.

'You don't think I was surprised when I found out I had a little sister!' I looked at him confused

'Don't you remember me? Didn't mum and dad ever tell you about me?' He shook his head

'I was quite young then and I don't know why they never told me, maybe it was to protect you! Either way, I'm glad that I now know you!' I smiled

'Me too,' he smiled and I sat up, 'We better get changed into our pyjamas!' I heard him click his fingers and I turned round to see him in some black pyjamas, I chuckled and he smiled. I turned around and took a deep breath and closed my eyes and clicked my fingers, I felt my clothes change and when I opened my eyes I had hot pink pyjamas on, I turned around and smirked at him

'Show off!' I laughed and got into bed and so did he

'Goodnight my new and strange brother!' I said and he chuckled

'Goodnight my new and creepily girly sister!' I chuckled and turned off the light and went to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and rolled over to see Maelgwyn still asleep. I sighed hoping that it was all a dream. I sat up and looked at the black covers and smiled, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and clicked my fingers, I opened my eyes to see a pink bedcover and Maelgwyn in pink pyjamas, that will get him back! I got up and went downstairs and into the kitchen, both my parents were up and eating breakfast, I said hi to everyone and made myself breakfast and sat down and started to eat it

'Where's your brother?' Mum asked

'Still in bed, he's gonna be shocked when he wakes up in pink instead of black haha!' My parents chuckled as we heard a deep scream from upstairs, I laughed loudly and heard him coming downstairs loudly, he then stormed into the kitchen in his pink pyjamas giving me a dead stare, I looked at him and laughed

'I hate you, you know?!' I chuckled and carried on eating, he turned and stormed back upstairs.

'Anyway!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!' They all shouted, I stopped eating and realised it was my birthday! Then jumped up and down excitedly as they all gave me a present and card, I opened them all and had an ipod touch from my real parents and a new phone from my adopted parents, I gave them all a hug and a kiss as Maelgwyn came downstairs in his black pyjamas and a present in his hand, I opened it to find a large black flag with a skull on it, I laughed

'So I'm guessing you bought me something that you are going to use instead?' He chuckled and nodded, I laughed and chucked it back at him, 'Well thanks anyway haha!' I turned back to my parents as a huge cake appeared on the table, it had a large picture of me and Jeffree Star on the front from when I met him after a concert. I squealed and jumped up and down like a little kid and blew out all the candles, then I cut the cake and everyone had a piece, my piece was the largest with the part with Jeffree on. Once finished we started to get all the party food ready, I was going to have a house party with a a load of friends and young family members including my brother although I wasn't sure he would like the music as I was more into dance and dubstep and he was more into rock and screamo! We moved all the valuable items upstairs and moved the living room around so there was more space to dance, we set up the food and made sure everyone was great, at about 6pm all my parents disappeared and went to a hotel so we could have more fun, I put on some dance music and Maelgwyn moaned.

'Hey! This is my party and I will play whatever music I want! If you don't like it then go away! You could stay at the top of the stairs and make sure people don't go up!' He sighed

'Uhh fine!' I smiled and held out my Ipod, he shook his head and pulled out an Iphone. 'It's okay, I've got something better! But thanks anyway!' I smiled and nodded and put my Ipod in my pocket. I took a deep breath and changed my clothes into more clubwear. Suddenly there was a knock on the door...

The End

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