My New HomeMature

After a few minutes we stopped walking, I looked up and I couldn't believe what I was seeing, it was a large gothic house on the top of  a large hill. I stood at the bottom of the hill looking up at it in shock. It looked like something out of a horror movie, and I couldn't wait to get inside!

My mum then looked at me, "So, how do you like your new home?"

I turned and looked at her, still in shock. "Th-that is my home! It's freaking amazing!" I hugged her tightly.

"Glad you like it, let's go inside," she said. We walked up to the entrance where there was a huge gothic door that opened slowly with a loud creaking noise. Inside was magnificent, there were large black walls with many gothic paintings covering them surrounding the front hall in the middle was large, black stairs, stopping in the middle and go up more stairs from either side to the second storey. We walked into the living room, which had a large, flat screen, TV on the wall with a large, gothic sofa sat in front of it. Many different, gothic furniture were placed around the room. I looked up to see the most gorgeous, gothic chandelier, I stood there shocked, Maelgwyn went and turned the TV on, sat on the sofa and flicked the channels till he found a horror movie which looked rather gory. So me, mum, and dad, it felt weird saying mum and dad, but in a good way, made our way to the next room, we went past the stairs and into a room opposite, this room had a large, black, gothic style dining table in the middle, with lots of other gothic furniture around the room similar to the living room. Everywhere I looked was black, gothic, and everything I could've dreamed for, it was like I was actually in a dream and throughout it all I actually thought I was! Next we went upstairs and into a bedroom, it had lots of gothic furniture, but also lots of rather girly stuff too

'This is your bedroom!' Mum said, I looked at her with a huge smile on my face

'Mine?!' she nodded, I squeezed her tight 'Oh my god, this is amazing! It's gothic and girly, it's amazing, I love it!' A huge smiled appeared on her face

'Glad you like it darling!' We left the room and went into a large bathroom, it wasn't as gothic as the other rooms, it was all white and very large and nice, we left the room and went into another bedroom, this one was very gothic and everything was dark and gothic!

'This is our room,' mum said putting her arm round dad, I smiled and nodded and we left the room, we went into the next bedroom, of course this was also gothic, there were lots of posters on the wall of rock bands like bullet for my valentine and atreyu and others i didn't know, 'this is Maelgwyn's room!' I smiled and nodded and we left and went downstairs. 'I can tell you really like the house!' I nodded in excitement, 'Excellent! There is just the issue of your family at home! Now as you are nearly 21 I think it is time for you to leave home anyway, so why don't you tell your parents that you are going to go on a trip around the world!' I thought about it for a minute,

'Yeah! But I don't have enough money to afford that so they wouldn't really believe me!' She thought for a minute,

'Well ... what if you won the lottery?!' 

'Bu-but that's impossible!' She smiled and put held my hands

'We have magic powers! Trust me, I can make it happen! We aren't supposed to use our powers to gain money, especially not in the human world, but I will do it especially for you! We are a very powerful family and if we got found out I'm sure we could get away with it!' I looked at her in awe as she said about us being a powerful family, in the normal world i live in a very unpowerful poor family, but here it's completely different! I squeezed her tight.

'Oh my god, thank you, you're amazing! I love you!' She smiled and kissed my forehead

'I love you too! Now come on! The lottery is today and we need to get a ticket!' I smiled and we left the house, we walked round to the back of the house and mum stepped forward and moved her hands and large cloud appeared in front of us, she walked in and I followed along with dad and Maelgwyn, I came out in a forest, 'Follow me!' mum said as she walked off, I followed and soon we were out of the forest and on a long road, we crossed the road and walked down a long path past some houses until we got to a small shop on the corner, we went inside and mum went up to the desk as I looked around the shop, a few minutes later mum came up to me with and handed me a small piece of paper with the numbers 7, 13, 17, 19, 39, 49 and 1 on, I took it and smiled and hugged her and we left

'Wait... I need to go home! It's my birthday tomorrow and I need to be home for my birthday, as much as I want to be with you!' She smiled and nodded

'Well we could come too, you could say you were looking online and found us and found out we were your real family and you are coming round the world with us!' I thought for a minute,

'Yeah! That's awesome! Let's go!' She nodded and we walked round to the back of the shop, instead of making a cloud she clicked her fingers and we disappeared and reappeared behind my house, we went round and I went inside, my family waiting outside, my little sister Gwennan ran up to me

'Rhi-Rhi! Where have you been?! We have to get your party ready?!' She then noticed my family outside 'Who are they?!' She looked at me confused, I smiled

'This is my real family!' She looked at me in awe

'Oh my god! That's soo cool!' She jumped up and down excitedly, then ran off to find mum, I smiled and turned to my family

'Come in!' I said happily, they came in and stood in the hallway just as mum and Gwennan came out the living room into the hallway, mum looked annoyed then shocked as she saw my family behind me

'Who are they? Why are they here? We have a party to organise remember?!' I smiled

'This is my real family! I was looking online and found them and found out they are my real family so went out to meet them! Sorry for not telling you! I wanted it to be a surprise!' Mum gasped.

The End

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