The Secret FamilyMature

I stood there in shock staring right into his eyes,

An angel, how could I be an angel unless I was dead, and I definitely wasn't dead. And what the fuck is a fallen angel?! Maybe this was why I travelled through time! I god damn hope so!

I finally struggled something out of my mouth, "H-how? W-w-why? . . ."

"You were created by two fallen angels who wanted you to lead a normal life instead of theirs as it was a dangerous place then, so they sent you down to earth right into your mother, and yes that is possible . . . trust me."

Created! By angels! This was all too surreal, how could this possibly be real in any way! That would mean that I have two sets of parents! I have to meet my angel parents!

"I want to meet them . . . my angel parents, I want to talk to them!"

"I think they're ready to meet you, you see they knew you were coming Rhiannon, it's your 21th birthday soon isn't it?"

"Y-yes it is, and I'm supposed to be helping to set it up."

"Well I think your birthday is going to be much more exciting here! Now follow me." He turned around and walked off in the same direction he came from, I slowly started to follow him, amazed I could move and I wasn't glued to the spot as I felt like it. As I got closer there was a bright light, however it did not seem to affect my eyesight as it would any normal human, I could even look into the sun on a really bright day and my eyesight would be fine, my friends would be amazed as they tried to do it also and failed.

We got to the source of the bright light and walked through, then the bright light disappeared and we were standing in some kind of waiting room, and the far side of the room I saw a couple sat on a sofa facing the opposite direction whispering to each other. The angel who was now next to me coughed, the couple instantly stood up and turned around, their faces lit up as soon as they saw me, they ran over to me and hugged me tight, and as they did so I actually felt a close bond to them, the same as my mother which I have known for over 20 years. After a few seconds they let go and my mother was the first to talk.

"Oh, Rhiannon, we've waited nearly 21 years to see you, I can't believe how fast the time's gone, you are so beautiful darling." And she held my hands, as I stared into her face I recognised features that were similar to mine, like the squint in my right eye and the odd green/hazel/grey coloured eyes I had.

It was my father's turn to talk now, "Your mother is correct, you are gorgeous and I can see the features you have in common which her you look a spitting image of her, a mini Branwen." He noticed the look in my face when he pronounced my mother's name and realised that I didn't know. "Of course, we forgot to introduce ourselves, your mother as you now know is Branwen, which means beautiful raven," he smiled and kissed Branwen, "and I'm Arnallt, which means powerful eagle. Do you know what your name means Rhiannon?" I shook my head, but this time my mother spoke, "Your name," I turned my head to look at her as she spoke, "means great queen or goddess!" She smiled and so did I, what awesome names, I loved these parents, they sounded way better than the ones at home!

Branwen then looked shocked, "Oh my, we haven't introduced your brother yet," she said looking at the angel behind me.

A brother! I've never had a brother! I thought, then I realised that my mum was looking at the angel who had brought me here,

"I'm sure he's also already introduced himself though," Branwen said. I shook my head and stared at the angel. "Now, why not?!" She said looking shocked, he just shrugged his shoulders. "Well, Rhiannon, this is your brother, I know you've never had a brother so this will be a new experience for you, this is Maelgwyn, which means defender, prince and dog of battle!" He smiled as she said the meaning. I then realised that everyone's name was related to an animal except mine.

"So everyone's name is related to an animal then, except mine." I said.

"Yes," Branwen replied, "We thought that the meanings for the animals for very powerful, however we saw your name and the meaning and well we just had to use it as it sounded so powerful, and we liked the name."

"Awesome, this is just so . . . so amazing! I have so many questions to ask . . ."

"Soon, my darling, but first we must go home and get you settled in your new bedroom."

"New bedroom?" I couldn't leave everyone back home, I still had friends and family down there that I loved.

"We will explain on the way love, now come, let's go."

So we walked off out of the waiting room and into an amazing world that looks liked we were above the clouds, and we walked across the clouds with ease, which it felt like we were flouded in mid-air, which I suppose we kind of were.

The End

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