The First AngelMature

Suddenly there was this bright light, however I didn't know where it was coming from, i searched around for where it could be coming from, but it was as if the light was all around me instead of just one place, it was so bright that it blinded me and I had to cover my eyes. I slowly took in the light and got used to it, then when my hands were fully off my face I stood up. Once I'd stood up, I looked around for a something or someone.

"Hello? Is there anybody there?"

No answer.

So I sat back down again wondering what to do, I couldn't find my sonic pen, I didn't know where I was or what was around me, there was literally nothing to do.

After 5 minutes or so I lied down, closed my eyes and as I was about to fall asleep from the boredom i heard shoes walking across the floor, instantly I opened my eyes wide and stood up quick looking around for a figure. I searched around for a while then stopped, there was silence, the walking had stopped!

'I must be imagining things' I thought, 'there's no other possible explanation'

Then suddenly, out of the blue, well white, behind me a figure came out of the light, I turned around swiftly as I heard it approach and watched it as it came closer and closer.

It was a large figure, it had large wing-like shapes behind it's back. As it got closer I realized that this figure was a man, more than a man . . . he was an angel! I stood there shocked as the angel walked closer to me. He stopped about 5 metres away from me and stared a deep, meaningful, scary looking stare into my eyes, I put my foot backwards to stop myself from falling, then I realized my surroundings, closed my eyes for a second, then slowly opened them to see the large angel still stood in front of me. He opened his mouth slowly to talk,

"Rhiannon..." I jumped when his deep, but heavenly voice said my name.

"H-h-how do you kn-know my n-n-name?" I said still in shock.

"I've known you for a very long time, Rhiannon. You are a special girl, Rhiannon, more special than you may think."

"W-what's so special about m-me?" I said more calmly although still in shock.

"You don't know?" He said in a loud shocked tone which made me jump again.

"Kn-know w-what?" I replied shocked again. He just laughed, a deep, yet heavenly laugh.

"What's going on? Is this a joke? What the fuck man!" I was getting angry now, he wasn't giving me any information about how he knew me and any clue as to who he was and what he, or in fact I, was doing here!

He had stopped laughing and looked at me seriously which frightened and sent a large shiver down my spine. His mouth opened again to talk, I was getting more and more frightened every second.

"You Rhiannon, are a very special girl," he said stepping forward closer to me until he was right in front of me and looked down at me. I was so scared I was shaking, I couldn't look him in the eye, I just looked down, I was that scared! "Because you're an angel, a fallen angel to be precise."

I quickly looked up straight into his crystal clear, bright blue, perfect eyes in shock.

The End

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