The Fallen AngelMature

Rhiannon Edwards is no ordinary 20 year old girl, she ends up in alternative realities without realising she's doing it! She always carries her sonic pen with her even though she doesn't know the full power it withholds! This is just the start of her journey however where she discovers what she is really is and what her purpose is! However she finds out a darknening secret about her life which could possibly kill her if she doesn't choose the correct pathway!

My name is Rhiannon Edwards, I am 20 years old, however I am no ordinary 20 year old, I could be walking through town when I would unexpectedly and uncontrollably walk into an alley then disappear into some alternative reality where I would find myself doing different tasks to save people's lives to try and return back to my normal place and time, and when I did it was in the same place at the same time I left. Then again, my life has never been normal, I never got on with my family, and I don't even look like anyone of them either, most of the time I just felt adopted! Also in my childhood I used to see this ghost-like figure around everywhere, and I felt like I had this strange bond to it. I told my parents about this all the time but it just ended up in me being sent to a stupid counsellor, which was no help whatsoever and seemed to make it worse, however since my 16th, when we finally ditched the counsellor, I haven't seen that heavenly figure since! However I did kind of miss him/her/it, because I felt close to it, like my own guardian angel! And as strange as my past and present has been, nothing had prepared me for what was about to happen next!

I was walking through town on my own, as I normally do because although my friends kind of understand what happens they get annoyed when I just loner them in the middle of town, although I do come back at same time they still find it annoying because people stare as I walk off into a lane and then come back and they think that people think I'm doing something disgusting or naughty and they feel really awkward, when this happened again which annoys me, so everyone ends up annoyed! I don't try to fight it off anymore as I know there is nothing I can do about it, at first it really freaked me out, and I would start screaming and crying and trying to get away and loads of people would stare at me as if I was mental. So anyway, I found myself in an alley which i always go though I don't know why it's always that one, I call it alternative alley because it always takes me to some alternative reality like I said before.

I opened my eyes to complete blackness, I looked around trying to figure out where I was, I don't normally find myself in blackness, it's normally some lane like the one I disappeared in, but this was different, I could sense something was different this time, and I didn't like it one bit, all I could think of is 'What the fuck is going on? And where the fuck am I?'. I stumbled around for something to hold onto, but their was nothing but the plain hard floor I was lying on, so I got onto my hands and knees and slowly, carefully tried to stand up, I felt blind and it scared me! I fumbled in my pockets for something I could use as a light, but nothing, just empty pockets, but that was impossible, I always carry my sonic pen around with me, I remember putting it in my pocket this morning and was holding it when I was going into the alley! It had a skull on one end which lit up bright red on the head and the other end was a black gel pen which never ran out! I searched every pocket I could and all around me on the floor, but it was nowhere to be found! It confused the fuck out of me! So instead I searched around for something, a wall, a door . . . anything! But nothing, it was like I wasn't anywhere, like I wasn't even on Earth, I felt dead!

So I sat on the floor for a few seconds then I lied down, there was nothing for me to do, so I decided the only thing I could do was go to sleep and hope I woke up in my bedroom and this was all a dream, although I knew it wouldn't as it never was all the other times I wished it was a dream, when I was on deaths edge, but this time I wished more than ever for this to be a dream. I drifted off pretty easy, it was quiet, peaceful and dark, the perfect place to go to sleep unlike my bedroom which was right next to a busy road with loads of noisy cars zooming past, with the street lights on shining through my window too,  including a train station on the other side of our house which always made the house shake every time a train went past, and yes, unfortunately, trains here do go past in the middle of the night!

The End

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