The Fallen

This is a story for a dear friend of mine. I love her stories so much and I wanted to write a one-shot of such a beautiful, amazing character of hers.

Rain poured down throughout the night, the occasional crack of thunder lighting the sky for a brief second. I mutter things to myself under my breath, cursing to the night as I run to the rebels' hideout. The rain had drenched me, and I was in no mood tonight. I just wish my followers won't pull up another scrap. I am Tiva Fangs. I am the leader of The Fallen. We are a rebellion set on taking back what is ours. Ever since my closest friend, Lyn, had died, I brought myself to follow in his footsteps and lead the rebellion forward to victory. We were strong, and our hearts were large. I arrived at the hideout and shivered. I felt something just wasn't right...

I heard shouting and gasps. I lead myself towards the noise, curiosity taking over my very being. What I heard made my eyes widen and my heart shatter. They had disgraced Lyn's name. Every word they spat out made my blood boil and my temper rise. How dare they?
"He expected us to just THROW ourselves out to the government! He must be stupid to believe that we'd even try that! He's brainwashed us all like some preacher!" I growled and confronted the current offender.
"How dare you? Lyn was the very heart and soul of our survival! He was only trying to do what was best for us all. Show some respect, Xavier." He laughed at the confrontation, just making my temper rise even more.
"I should have expected you to say something. You're just the blind, lost girl who wants to be like him. You're just going to kill us all by carrying this out. He was wrong, and so are you." I wanted to hit him. But I knew I couldn't. It's wouldn't help and would just prove his point.

By this point I was shaking. My hands balled into fists, trying to control my anger. I just couldn't let him win this. Not after everything Lyn did for us all. He was so sweet while he was here...

"Lyn, I made you something!" I squealed in delight, clutching a piece of paper to my chest. I drew me and Lyn. We were both smiling, and it had a caption that said "Lyn and Tiva: Friends until the end!". I saw him walk up to me, as he realised who I was a calming, gentle smile graced his features. I felt so happy when he smiled.
"Hey there, T!" He exclaimed happily, sitting down and putting me on his lap. I giggled and smiled a toothy grin.
"So, you've got something for me, Sweet Pea?" I loved when he'd call me little nicknames. They made me feel special and loved.
"Yeah! I mean...It's not much, but I made it because it's special..." I gave him the slightly wrinkled paper, wringing my hands in nervousness. I hoped he liked it... His brows raised as he looked at the paper. I started to feel worried, until he started to smile again. So much joy filled my heart as he spoke those words.
"T, this is amazing! I love it..."

That was a long time ago. But just remembering what happened was enough to bring tears to my eyes and the willpower to slap Xavier across the face.
"Lyn was a good man and a strong leader. If I hear you even utter those words again there will be consequences. Now get out of my sight." My voice cracked at the last sentence, a single tear escaping and running down my cheek. Xavier rushed to move from the crowd, but my pain didn't lessen. Was this really the life I'm going to live from now on? Only time will tell...

The End

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