The Fallen


Robyn walked into the room. Her blue dress on her body and her white hair curled amazingly.

"What did you do with Robyn?" Alex asked his voice full of sarcasim.

"I ate her." She grinned then joined him on the couch.

"Really?" He lifted his head up.


"Aww, I was kind of getting sick of that little rascal."

Her jaw dropped and slapped his shoulder sending waves of pain into her knuckles. "Meanie!"

"Gosh, relax.You know I was just teasing." The frown didn't slip off her face so Alex tore open her fist and began to look at the injury.

"Robyn..." He shook his head.


"You're bleeding like alot."

"What?" Robyn screamed looking down at her wound. She moved her hand to her face.

"Ugh! Alex! That's not funny!" She turned to Alex who was laughing so hard his face was turning red.

"Yeah it is!"

"No. It is not!" Robyn grabbed her bag and got up. Walking toward the door she said, "I'll see you tommorow and hopefully Alex will stop being such a jerk." With that she slammed the door.

The End

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