The fallenMature

a school with unusal people

I saw her sitting by herself again, Lucy always sat like that, she was funny and came up with really original ideas but she never had any people i would call her friends.
To me she always looked sad, even when she was laughing, she seemed sad, or angry at the world. You could see it in her eyes, her eyes were dark brown, really brown, almost as dark as her hair.
She just sat with her head slightly forward so her hair fell forward, i mean she had been at my school for over four months now and though unlike most of the humans she never rang any danger bells until that day in september.
Science, second lesson, normally that Lucy girl would make a fuss over something, but she was worringly quiet. She didnt even pick up on the most obvious jokes she could make, and though Mr Bronin was obviously annoyed at her lack of attention he was also more clearly happy at her lack of attitude.
It was worrying me, i had never see a person switch to such a state, she was staring at something out of the window.
The truth is I also had felt uneasy all morning, but surly she couldnt been feeling that too, the uneasy feeling came from the sharp increase in dark energy around, i dared to look around to see what she was looking at.
What was she seeing?
I didnt get to ask, the lights just flickered of with a loud bang, everyone had jumped, she hadnt moved, the children were panicking, running screaming like idiots, she just kept looking out the window.
I took the cover of dark to look out of the window where she was, i saw the black feather blowing, she couldnt be seeing this could she?
I was staring out the window when i noticed out of the corner of my eye, she turned to look at me and i saw the colour of her eyes change, I gasped and stubled backward, she couldnt be.
Her eyes were startlingly blue, like mine.
This was impossible.

The End

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