Talk to the man.Mature

I turned to Helmo.

"Where am I? Can you tell me what happened?"

My head started pounding and I lay back on the sand as I waited for him to speak.  Helmo walked towards me and I was again impressed by his size. You did not want to make this man angry. He frowned and rumbled in a deep voice.

"A plane flew over and it burst into flames. Looked like it crashed on the other side of the island. "

I sat up and cradled my aching head in my hands. The man wasn't making sense.

"What are you talking about? I'm wearing a wetsuit. I couldn't have been on a plane."

Georgia took a step towards me, but Helmo put his hand against her chest and pushed her back. She turned red and scolded him in a strange language. I tried to determine what it was, but I've never been very good at languages.

Helmo spoke again, in his deep rumble.

"There was also a ship. Just over there."

He pointed at the horizon, but I couldn't see any trace of a ship.

"We heard a loud noise and screaming. Then the ship was gone."

I frowned at the man. Clearly these people were crazy and I might actually be in big trouble.

The End

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