The protagonist tries to escape.Mature

"Could you please give me water? I'm so thirsty and dizzy."

I was hoping Helmo would walk away to get me water which would allow me the opportunity to escape. I was sure I could take Georgia if she tried to get in my way. It was Helmo that concerned me.

Helmo grunted, ignoring my request.

"You need to come with us now. We cannot leave you alone in this place. You might cause trouble."

What the hell was he talking about? I started shivering and my teeth chattered. I was really starting to stress about this. How the hell did I end up with these crazy people?

I tried to catch Georgia's eye, trying to appeal to her hopefully more empathetic female nature. But she just stared at me in a cold, pitiless manner. Then she smiled and I nearly pissed myself in shock. Her teeth had been filed into needle sharp points.

Nausea threatened to strangle me as Helmo stepped forward and lifted me under my arms.  I was still weak, but I could feel the strenght returning to my limbs.

I pretended to have a fit, my arms flailing and my legs kicking against Helmo's sturdy frame. He attempted to tighten his grip on me, but I turned unexpectedly and planted my fists in his stomach, while simultaneously kneeing him in the groin. Helmo groaned and collapsed.

I ran. Apparently I had been a fighter in my previous life. I sprinted down the beach. I couldn't imagine that I had ever ran as fast as I was running now.  

Just as I thought I was clear of them, I became aware of someone running next to me.

It was Georgia, grinning at me with those sharp, pointy teeth. She was running at an even pace and not struggling to keep up at all.








The End

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