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Each race has specific traits, the Armis of the north, for example tend to be broad of shoulders and muscular although not all fit the model the average warrior does. Armis tend to specialize in melee weapons, such as axes, maces, spears, and expessially Swords. They hold up many traditions. Often brave and blunt these people can tend to be a bit arrogant and are not always the brightest. The 5 heroes from the Armis are, Wynn, Taft, Foster, Laird, and Ignatious. These five men stand proud to defend the lands from evildoers. The next race, The Ornatus, are strong and stout they live in the mountain range of Ornago in the east, these warriors often brave extreme danger on the mountains, the Ornatus are expert blacksmiths they create the best armor in all of Tucor, they often use two handed maces and halberds. Although relitiviely small they hold the biggest pride and are good with there hands. The five heroes from the Ornatus are, Gordan, Elrin, Hathlar, Skora, and Tyber. The next major race ill introduce is the Magus live on the secluded Isles of Magus just off the east coast, they are the wisest and most intelligent of all the races and are also masters of Uchawi. Uchawi is a magical force that the Magus use in both combat and research. The Magus will teach anyone willing and able the ways of Uchawi if they are deemed worthy by the heroes. The heroes of the Magus are Thoril, Kevfire, Delis, Syban, and Emoy. To the south we have the grand forest, within it live the Bratus. The Bratus are often intelligent and very calm, they live peaceful lives, they live off the land and the trees exceptionally well. they are very proficient with archery, they learn this young by hunting game. Its said they can live over a 1000 years old. The 5 heroes of the Bratus are Madar, Lorissa, Garis, Onin, and Tine. Last but not least we have the Vagor of the west. These are a hardy people who live in the western swamps. They are a jack of all trades and often wander from kingdom to kingdom. They are very quick, decisive, and cunning. They make excellent spys and assassins. Their weapon of choice is usually poniards or daggers. The five heroes of the Vagor are Bannor, Imet, Nidra, Nysol, and Zadark. 

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