this is my first novel its a work in progress hope you like it

The land of Tucor was an old and ancient land. Tucor had a forest to it south, swamp lands to the west that the further west you went the more impassable, to the north there was plains and hills as far as the eye could see, to the east there was the Ornago mountain range beyond the mountains is the sea and about 4 leagues out to sea lie the isles of magus. Tucor has 5 prominent races and quite a few lesser races. Most of the races, were separated into 5 grand kingdoms. These kingdoms were always in conflict, whether it was a trade gone wrong or simply power hungry kings. after many millenia of fighting the kings of each race, Knowing the races needed to unite, The Armis, Bratus, Magus, Ornatus, and the Vagor met at the center where the 4 mainland kingdoms met. They discussed a treaty and all wars ceased and peace and prosperity washed over the land of Tucor, grand heroes from each major race came to defend against evil doers, 5 of the noblest and best warriors were chosen from each land 25 in total, these 25 men and women were granted eternal age to protect the land of Tucor and for many years they did. 3000 years have past since that day and this is where our story begins. Over the 3000 years the 25 heroes have faced many challenges and overcome all, they remained noble and faithful to there cause all except one Zadark, he decided to betray the heroes and tried to seize control. Zadark tried this in secret undermining the hereos and failed, when the others found out of his treason they quickly dispatched of him. the 24 heroes from thereforth went unchallenged, but Zadark's son swore vengence and at the age of 9 begain his training to be the ultimate warrior, even greater than his father and the heroes, his name was Bellator!

The End

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