Part I - The Ones We Hold Dearest / Chapter I - Rhoswen's First Steps

Within the small town of Keilheim lived a girl. A very timid girl named Rhoswen Adamma Lindström. With one look at her you would never suspect any significance from her. One would think she is a girl only useful for simple chores and childbearing, but get her angry and you'll run for your life. For she is of summoner's blood. Praying day in and day out to the statues of the fallen summons, hoping that one day she'll be blessed by them and earn the right to their protection. Much was expected of Rhoswen considering her mother was the most powerful summoner in the town. However, Rhoswen just never seemed to do it right, always making slight mistakes in her grammar and stuttering when calling upon the spirits of the fallen summons. She was just nervous. The act of summoning was a dramatic sequence that drew a lot of attention, and frankly, Rhoswen just didn't like to be looked at.

One sunny afternoon, Rhoswen was helping her mother tend to her garden. The Lindström family was one of green thumbs. They never had trouble growing things. The only problem ever presented when gardening was taming the rapidly growing plants and vines. Rhoswen was trimming up a shrubbery with a pair of shears as big as her arms. She seemed to be struggling, but then her loving mother came up behind her and wrapped her arms around Rhoswen, gripping over her hands she started guiding Rhoswen. She looked down at her beautiful daughter and saw her smile as she watched the shrub form its shape. When it was finished, Rhoswen stepped back to see that the bush was now in the shape of the town's most famous summon; The Mist Dragon. She smiled brightly at her mother and the wind blew softly, blowing Rhoswen's white dress and purple hair. Then she watched in awe as her mother transformed the shrubbery into the real thing. Focusing her energy into her palms, a radiant blue light formed around her hands.She blinked and as she opened her eyelids her eyes were filled with the same vivid light.

"Oh God of the Mist, bless us with your presence.", chanted Rhoswen's mother, as her hands went into their traditional praying position that Rhoswen had seen so many times. The wind blew hard, rustling the leaves of the shrubbery as it formed a more defined shape of a dragon. The leaves seemingly melted into a watery substance and eventually, evaporated, forming mist. Thus, The Mist Dragon was summoned. Its otherworldly appearance gave off a feeling of fear within Rhoswen's mind. Her mother watched as The Mist Dragon showed Rhoswen the same love she would give. It caressed Rhoswen's small body in its massive arms. Rhoswen laughed as she became drenched, no longer feeling frightened. The dragon was being playful. Then Rhoswen decided.

"Mother... could you help me become a true summoner?" she asked sweetly as she ringed the water out of her long hair.

"Why of course my daughter." she replied and began walking toward the place where the statue of The Mist Dragon rested. It was a large courtyard with an abundance of flowering plants, and wildlife. In the middle was a fountain with a statue of The Mist Dragon centered. It's facial expression was serene. Her mother whispered the correct prayer to say in Rhoswen's ear and showed her the way she should place her hands while praying.

After Rhoswen heard enough she stood facing straight toward the statue and closed her eyes, sighing. She placed her hands in the right way and said, "Oh god of Mist, I come humbly. Won't you please bless me with your powers? I ask this of you for protection. To protect this town and to protect the ones I hold dearest..."

The wind shifted upward and all Rhoswen's hair blew out of her face. At first there was only silence, nothing to be heard but the rustle of leaves. Then The Mist Dragon's soul decided to bless Rhoswen, for it heard her sincerity. It detached itself from its earthly bounds and caressed Rhoswen then dissipated around her. Rhoswen looked to her mother for approval and she nodded, smiling. Rhoswen had succeeded. She was now a fully fledged summoner.

The End

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