The fall of being in love.

It was just a little something I wrote when I was feeling down. I can't say it is one of my favorite pieces I have wrote, but it's sentimental to me.

Did I choose to love you? No. It just happened. Love hits you like a bullet and hurts even worse than getting shot. Loving you wasn’t a choice I could make. I couldn’t say yes or no to loving you. You entered my life with precaution and did I ever think it would result in this? God no. To be honest, I never thought I would love you or fall for you as much as I have. Fallen and hit rock bottom with full force.  My all was in this, it was all taken away. Nothing now. Left to rot and bleed in this dark, depressing world. My soul was lead into a false sense of happiness, it was surreal, I knew it was too. I was unconscious to the fact that we’re teenager and that this was a silly little fling. I told myself I wouldn’t get myself in too deep. But with your sweet words and soft touch you pulled me into your misleading hands and fooled me into believing.

The End

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