The Holiday SeasonMature

The Holiday Season

A week passed and I was pleased with the way things were. Some of my flash games were selling, I wasn't as broke as I was before and I loved waking up to Miki clutching to me. I loved how warm she was. Things were close to perfect. I had never had so much peace before. I never lived in a realm where everything ran smoothly. I never lived in a realm where I didn't have to worry or plan three or four steps ahead. It was nice, but I wondered how long it would last. Everything had a waning time period, especially with humans. I knew it was only a matter of time before shit hit the fan and my life would come crumbling down in rubble. Where I would have to think quickly and somehow put it back together. I didn't want to think about that, at least not now.

I laid in bed enjoying the comfort Miki gave me. I rubbed her smooth taupe shoulders, as I started to put things together in my head. At this point, the depths was forty percent done. I had given the main a few new abilities and new enemies to face to give it some variety. There have been flashes of light, crumbling pathways, cracks, basically anything I could think of cave related. I wanted to make it engaging as possible. I didn't want the player to be bored at all. I wanted it to be a different approach to the typical game. I wanted it to be as you were stepping into the shoes of our hero. I wanted you to sleep, eat and breathe what he sleep, eats and breathes, within my ability of course. I thought I was doing pretty well. The only thing I needed was test subjects. That wouldn't be hard to get.

Miki wiggled. She opened her auburn eyes and grunted.

“What? Your not happy to see me?” I teased.

“That is a stupid question to ask me, Nate.” she giggled. She gave me a kiss before explaining the source of her unnecessary bodily noise.

“So my vacation is up and I have to start writing again.” she said. She sat on the edge of the bed.

“Don't you like it?” I asked.

“I do, but it's very stressful. You've gotta stay constant and you can't just give up on a project if it sucks. Somehow, you've got to pull it out your ass and make it work.” she explained.

“I see. Well if you need stress relief, I'm right here.” I grinned.

“Then relieve me, Nate.” she teased.

“Then get over here.” My tone was smooth.

She came over to me and I kissed her. My hands roamed her body. I was slightly addicted to her. She was enchanting.

“Mhm, Nate.” she purred.

I grinned a little. She was mine and no one else's. That was the way it was going to stay. She took my hand and moved it in between her legs.

“Stimulate.” Miki instructed.

I ran my fingers between her lips back and forth. I pushed my thumb against her focal point and rubbed it in circles.

“More Nate.” she instructed.

I took my pointer finger and began to rub it against her focal point as well. I motioned my fingers to where it was almost like I was trying to get something off them. I even offered a little pressure every now and again. She did say she liked having it pinched.

“Mmm, Nate.” she moaned.

I teased her running my tip along her lips.

“Do you want that?” I whispered into her ear.

“Yes.” Miki said. She didn't hesitate at all.

I pushed it into her. I was still surprised about how hard it was trying to get in there. I thought after at least three times it should have been easier by now. I moved it rhythmically in and out of her. I listened to her moan. It gave me goosebumps. I loved every bit of it. She was under my touch and under my control. As long as that was happening, she would crumble. Eventually she caved and gave into what I was giving her.

“Why are you so good at that?” Miki asked. Her words were watered down in winded huffs and puffs.

“I don't know, why do you squirt so much?” I asked.

“I don't know. I wish I didn't. It'd be a lot cleaner. I wish I was a water gun like those girls in porno. Instead, I’m a goddamn river.” she said.

“But, you're my sexy river. I'll never die of dehydration.” I said.

She gave me a grim look before squeezing my nipple.

“Ow, stop turning me on. You know I like that. Do you want to flood your apartment?” I grinned.

“You're something else, Nate.” she chuckled.

“Mhm Hmm. Now, go work. I'll make you some breakfast before I get to work myself.” I said rolling out of the bed.

“Work blows, wish I could stay in bed all day with that sexy body of yours.” Miki's tone was slightly seductive.

“Yeah, but then my sperm would over power your birth control and you would be pregnant with a tribe of little Stone children.” I said.

“That's funny.” Miki grinned.

I got up, put a on a shirt and boxers and made my way to the kitchen. I washed my hands, cracked few eggs, fried some bacon and toasted some bread. I assembled the sandwich and went a little heavy on the cheese because it was something Miki loved. I came back in the room with the plate and placed it on the bed. In that short time period: Miki had already gotten dressed, put her hair up, put on her glasses and was busy typing away on her laptop. It was weird. It was almost as if she was a robot. She was in the zone. I felt bad for that keyboard it was suffering some serious abuse. I pinched her nose and she looked up at me.

“Ow, why'd you do that?” she asked.

“Cause I wanted to let you know I made you food before anything else got to it.” I said.

“Why, thank you.” Miki's words sarcastic. She took a bite out of her sandwich.

I smirked. I grabbed my laptop and began working on my project as well. I took a bite out of the sandwich as well.

“I didn't know we were sharing.” her eyes were locked on her screen.

“I'm too lazy to go back in there. Besides once I'm working, I'm working. I prefer to work on an empty stomach anyways. I get more stuff done.” I explained.

“Alright,” she bit the sandwich.

It was a pretty quiet morning, followed by a pretty quiet afternoon. We didn't say too much to each other. I spent most of my time thinking to myself and socializing in my head. The symphony of keys was strong. It was almost as if, I was in a college lecture with students struggling to keep up with the professor's words. But as soon as Miki closed her laptop, the atmosphere changed.

“So, I want to have a Christmas party.” Miki said.

“Why?” I asked. My eyes were still fixated on my computer screen.

“I never had the opportunity to do so. You the business about my parents and how dysfunctional they are. I just want to be surrounded by those who actually give a shit.” she said honestly.

“I see, but then the guests have to be my test subjects.” I said.

“As long as it isn't unethical, I don't care.” Miki grinned.

“Don't worry it's just demoing how my game plays and how it affects people.” I said.

“Alright.” Miki nodded.

“So promise me Christmas Day I'll have you all to myself-” my phone began to ring. It was my dad. I really didn't want to hear from him. Just seeing his name on the screen pissed me off.

“Maybe you should answer that.” Miki suggested.

I sighed and answered the phone.

“Hello?” I said into the speaker.

“Hey, Nate.” he said.

“Hi.” I droned.

“Listen you want to spend Christmas day with your old man?” he asked. “It won't be much since, I'm starting over in this new place.”

“I can't really do so. I've got something planned to do that day.” I said.

“Oh, well, are you doing well?” he asked.

“Yeah, I am. I'm happy. It's been a while since I've felt like this.” My tone indicated I did not want to see any of my family members.

“Well I'm glad you're happy, Nate.” he said. I could hear some sadness in his voice.

“Listen I've gotta go, talk to you later. Bye.” I said.

I hung up. I went back to coding.

“So are you sure you want to spend Christmas with me and no one else?” Miki asked.

“Positive- Well you can invite Mike. He's like family. He's good people.” My tone was a favorable towards Mike.

“Nah, no Mike. I'll give him his presents on the twenty sixth. Besides, he has family he can go home to and his mom would never let him live down the fact he didn't come home for the holidays.” she said.

“Alright,” I said.

“You want to go get some coffee? I'm craving some like crazy.” Miki asked.

“Uh, not today. Not really in the mood.” I said.

“Pretty please, Nate.” she whined.

“Can you tell me where you got that mark on your neck?” I asked. It was more visible today and it was teasing the hell out of me.

“Flat ironing my hair.” she answered.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Flat irons reach the temperature of 450 degrees, of course I'm sure.” she said.

“Okay.” I said.

“So are you going to come with me or not?” she asked.

“Depends what coffee shop you want to hit?” I asked.

“Any.” she said.

“Or we can simply buy coffee from the supermarket.” I suggested.

“I suppose.” she answered.

A day passed and it was time for the Chirtsmas party that Miki wanted to throw. I was in the library studying up on economics and capitalistic habits. I needed to know how to run a business for when my game did blow up. I didn't want to be one of those immature millionaires who blow all their millions in minutes. I wanted to eventually grow that into an empire. Miki didn't tell me much about it other than dress nicely. I didn't really care about it honestly. What I did care about is somehow finding a way to hide the present I wanted to get her. I guess the only way to do so was to consult Mike. I stepped out of the library and gave him a call.

“Hello?” he said. I could hear the restaurant in the background.

“Hey it's, Nate.” I said.

“Make it quick.” Mike said.

“Will you meet me after work?” I asked.

“Sure, but aren't you going to that Christmas Party thing?” he asked.

“Course, but I need somewhere to hide the present I'm getting Miki. You mind holding it for a few days?” I asked.

“What are you getting her?” he asked.

“One of those fancy single serve cup coffee makers. I think she would love the shit out of it. Besides, I won't have to spend twenty bucks in a cafe anymore.” I said.

“Ouch. Alright, I get off at seven. Meet me at Capelli's.” Mike said.

“Alright.” I hung up.

I went back inside and decided to check out some of the books I was taking notes about. I put them in my bag and returned to the apartment. Miki was busy typing again. So I just threw my bag on the couch. I grabbed my laptop and continued to code. I made a specially formatted disk to play in the Playstation, so it would be a little easier to to present to multiple people instead of playing hot potato with my laptop. I wasn't a big fan of other people using or looking at my laptop besides myself. It was a little challenging to do, with all the relations, restrictions and the type of encrypting you had to do to get it to work however, it wasn't impossible. Once I was done, I headed out. On my way out, I caught a whiff of something homemade. I was a little surprised, but not entirely.

I arrived at Capelli's seven sharp. Mike came out in his leather jacket and car keys in hand.

“Where to?” he asked.

“Target.” I answered.

“Ew, you do know Miki isn't like thirty years old, right?” Mike teased.

We began walking to his parking space a few blocks away.

“Shut up. I'm buying her a Keruig and possibly other things.” I said.

“You should go to Victoria Serect.” Mike's tone was sly.

“No.” I said.

“You're no fun.” he whined.

“No, you're a pervert.” I clarified.

“No, no get it right, I'm fun.” Mike said.

I gave him a grim stare before he burst out into laughter.

“Lighten up,” Mike said.

“I'm pale as hell, I don't see what you're getting at.” My tone was flat.

Mike laughed. We finally got to his car. It was a typical car you would see. It was a Lexus. It was grey and it was sleek. We got in and Mike drove off. Once we got to the super center it was packed like a mad house. I did my best to grab whatever I could while Mike was in the car. I know he would be a complete ass the whole entire time. I picked up a Keruig in Miki's favorite color. I was surprised by the weight of the small device. It was pretty heavy even if it just made coffee. I grabbed a few Kcups by her favorite brands. I swung by the ladies section and picked up a few rock tee shirts she would like. My grand total was one hundred and fifty dollars. It wasn't the most I spent in my whole life. I had seen larger amounts go to waste. At least this was going towards something I cared about. I cared about Miki. I came out the super center and looked at my phone. It was 8:30.

I made my way to the parking garage and put the bags in the trunk of his car. I ran up to the passenger's seat, only to see Mike playing angry birds. I opened the door and got in the car.

“Hey listen, can you drop me off at Miki's? I know you have to pick up Michelle and everything, but there are a few things I want to patch up before the party.” I said.

“I hate you.” Mike said. He started the car.

“I know you do. But it'll be worth it. Also, keep that stuff in your trunk. I'll pick it up in a few days.” I said.

“Fine.” Mike groaned.

“Stop groaning.” I said.

“I'm groaning because I have to bring my girlfriend to this stale as hell party.” Mike said.

“If you like Miki you'll come.” I said.

“I hate you both.” he groaned.

After about thirty minutes I was back in Queens in front of Miki's place. It was nine. I quickly put on a nice sweater and put on some colon.

“Hey, what took you so long?” Miki asked.

She wore a simple beige sweater dress and dress shoes.

“Sorry, I was out with Mike. I was helping him get some presents for his girlfriend.” I said.

“Why didn't he ask me? I'm a girl.” Miki put her hands on her hips.

“Beats me.” I said.

She looked at me for a moment before saying, “Why don't you push your bangs back?”

“For you? Sure. For this party? No.” I said.

“Why?” she asked.

“Because I wish not to.” I answered.

“Fine.” she pouted.

The bell rung and Miki answered it faithfully. It seemed as though as the first guest arrived. Walked out into the main area and set up my experiment. The Depths was on screen live and waiting to be tested. I had to admit it looked pretty good though, it had the set up of a scary movie. The first person to walk through the door was one of Miki's friends Katherine. She was a dirty blonde with long legs and a slightly distasteful way of dressing. Her heels were far too high and I could see far too much of whatever cleavage she had, not to mention the fact she came with a big bottle of scotch. But hey, at least she was thoughtful and didn't show up empty handed. Her tattoos were tough and intimidating and her eyeliner was impeding and destroying the natural beauty of her face.

“Oh my god! Miki it's been far too long. I haven't seen you around in Willamsburg anymore. Have you found a new coffee place?” Katherine said.

“Oh no, just looking for new places to try out. But you know I'll always go back to Jessica's. She makes the best Mocha Frappes. Like to the point I could jizz about it,” Miki joked.

I let out a small chuckle and Katherine directed her eyes towards me.

“Hello,” she said seductively.

“Sorry Kat, that's my meat.” Miki said.

“Really? But he's so cute.” Katherine whined.

“Yup, meet my boyfriend Nate.” Miki grinned.

“Nice to meet you.” I said. I came up to her and shook her hand.

“Little polite for such a casual meeting don't you think?” Katherine asked.

“Well, better polite than rude.” I said.

“Very well.” Katherine said.

“So, is Lola making it?” Miki asked.

“Her green haired ass? I highly doubt it. She said she was going to do some shots with that asshole boyfriend of hers.” Katherine laughed.

“Oh well, maybe next time I guess.” Miki said.

“If she's not slated for an AA meeting. Her folks are talking about getting her help and all that crap. She's got more problems than you think.” Katherine said.

The bell rang again.

“I don't want to know, I want to be happy right now. I'm glad you came.” Miki made her way to the bell and answered it.

“So, Katherine do you play games?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” she giggled.

“Video games.” My tone was flat.

“Course, especially indie ones.” Katherine answered.

“Then you'll be pleased to play the one on the system. Bear with me though, it's a prototype.” I said.

“You designed that?” Katherine asked in shock.

“Yes,” I answered.

“Miki your boyfriend is cool.” Katherine picked up a controller and began to play.

“I know.” Miki said opening the door.

I saw the face I wasn't expecting to see at all. Seeing it made the fire rise in my skull. If he was smart tonight he wouldn't do anything stupid. The hipster wannabe came in and hugged Miki and gave her a kiss on the cheek. The minute he kissed her cheek I had the urge to punch him. The disdain I had for this guy was high and ripping me to shreds mentally. He would make this night very difficult for me.

“It was so nice to meet you at that art opening the other day.” Hayden said smoothly.

“Likewise.” Miki nodded.

“Who's that Miki?” Katherine asked curiously.

“Yeah, who is that?” I asked.

“Hayden, we met the other day at Cyrus' art exhibit. You baled like halfway through his presentation.” Miki answered. She paused and said, “Hayden, this is my boyfriend Nate.”

“Nice to meet you. I hope you're treating her well.” Hayden said.

“Likewise.” I said.

I turned to watch Kat play The Depths. It seemed as though she was really enjoying herself. There was a smile on her face. It was a slight distraction from the hell I was thrown into. I didn't like Hayden. He made her giggle. He got to close to her. He kissed her. But I suppose in the same light I could say what made me so deserving of her. She was a truly wonderful girl. Once Mike arrives ,he's gonna loose his shit. I thought. I kept cool and continued watching Kat enjoy the hell out of my game.

Hayden came up to me and asked, “Cool game man, did you develop that?”

“Yes he did.” Katherine answered.
“Cool.” I picked up a hint of jealousy from Hayden's tone.

“Is that jealously I hear?” Kat insinuated.

“Behave yourself.” Miki whispered.

“Phst, I haven't even had any booze yet. Watch out bitches! I'm gonna set this place on FI-YAH.” Kat said. I was starting to like this girl. She was humorous, I had to give her that.

“Kat, calm down.” Miki said.

The bell rung again and she answered. She opened the door and Mike came in with two six packs of beer. Following right behind him was his girlfriend Michelle. She was Hawaiian with freckles. She had long hair that she often shoved in a beanie. She wore mostly guy clothes like Miki. Her mind was always bright and positive compared to her counter parts. She was also a nationally ranked surfer. It was a wonder how Mike even ignored his girlfriend and kept his fixation on Miki. Michelle was a nice girl. He gave Miki a big hug and said, “Hey, hot head.”

“Hey, numbskull.” Miki replied.

“Hey, Miki.” Michelle said.

“Hey, how was Hawaii?” Miki inquired.

“AMAZING! The surfing there was amazing.” Michelle said.

Mike came over to me and whispered, “So what is what's his face doing here?”

“I have no clue, but Miki invited him.” I whispered back.

“Michael!”Kat said.

“Yeah?” he asked.

“Get your ass over here! I haven't seen your ass in a minute. We gotta catch up.” she said.

“We do?” Mike said nervously.

“Course.” she grinned.

“Hey, Nate.” Michelle said.

“Hey, it's been a while.” I said.

“You bet. So tell me did you do that? Because for some reason that looks like something you'd do.” Michelle pointed at the TV.

“Yeah, I did. What do you think?” I asked.

“Well from the game play, I think it looks pretty sick. You've even got the little details just right. I mean literary look at the worms on the screen man. Ugh that is so bad ass.” Michelle cooed.

“Thank you.” I said. I walked over to the counter and munched on a few chips.

“Hey Kat, stop hogging the game I want to play.” Michelle yelled.

Katherine tossed her the controller and continued talking to Mike. He seemed a bit uncomfortable. But it was interesting seeing multiple personalities cooperate together in the same environment. They were all vastly different but, they all had one connection. That connection was Miki. Miki seemed pleased with herself as she snatched some chips from the bowl.

She whispered, “I don't think you're getting laid tonight.”

“And why not?” I whispered back.

“Kat gets drunk and she does not like to leave. So be prepared to pushing her ass out or having her crash on the couch.” Miki explained.

“I'm pretty sure Mike could get her out. She seems so interested in him.” I said.

“That's cause she has a thing for him, just like he has a thing for me and so on and so forth.” Miki said.

“Oh.” I said in shock.

“Yup,” Miki crunched.

I turned my head towards Hayden and tried to polite for the sake of the party. “So, what type of art do you do?”

“Photography.” he answered.

That's not art. That's taking a picture of something you see and then bending the perspective, which anyone with a computer can do. I was annoyed.

“Yeah, he's pretty good at it.” Miki's tone was passively supportive. I knew she was thinking the same thing I was. But a photographer would say something different because it's something that they like to do.

“So Miki, can we bust out the booze now? Being sober blows.” Mike griped.

“I mean sure, if Michelle can drag your drunk ass out of here after 2 AM.” Miki answered.

“Michael, you better keep it light. I'm not a fan of driving. It hurts the environment.” Michelle said.

“Does it even make a difference?” Kat asked.

“Not really.” I answered. I tossed Mike a beer.

“Thank you, you love me.” Mike said.

“Mhmm.” I folded my arms.

It was a long night of eating, drinking and playing video games with mostly absolute strangers. It was enjoyable but it was awkward every time someone wanted my opinion or thoughts on something. I didn't have much to say. What was there to say? I wasn't apart of their world or universe. It was almost like a small exploration project where I got to see other planets and how they functioned in one solar system. I spent most of my time taking mental notes on how everyone responded to the game. There were all positive notes. The only thing that bothered me is the way they all acted once there was no more gameplay. It was as if my game was a drug to them. I wasn't surprised they were malnourished in the game world. The games that were produced now a days were mass produced and had very little effort put into them. They presented the most basic plot sequence and didn't even bother to relate to you, the player. It was always the same plot. Some type of alien or country poses a threat and you needed to eliminate them with guns. They didn't even bother to get creative and use other weapons. Who ruled the gun the most effective weapon?

One by one the party goers went home. Hayden was the first to leave the threshold and I was happy. He kept flirting with Miki. He ignored my presence and did whatever he wanted to and I did not like that at all. After that, Michelle dragged Mike out and Kat followed surprisingly. Then it was just Miki and I talking playing around with my game and drinking. I had to say it was my favorite part of the night. Being alone with her at 3 A.M. in the morning had its perks. I got to see the real side of her and hear her opinion. But also because I had the option of having sex with her if I wanted to. I also didn't have to share anymore nachoes with anyone except her. I didn't have to a lot of things anymore, once they all left.

“So do you think you want to have another Christmas party soon?” I asked.

“Fuck no.” Miki said bluntly. She raised the last beer bottle to her mouth.

“So we're going to be alone Christmas day?” I asked.

“Indefinitely, I don't even want to see Mike. He gave me such a god damn headache, running away from Kat like a little bitch.” Miki rubbed her temples.

“I like Kat.” I said.

“Why?” Miki asked.

“Because she's blunt.” I answered.

“You interesting boy.” Miki sipped.

“I suppose.” I teased.

“So?” Miki said putting the bottle down.

“So what?” I played coy.

“I don't know.” Miki said innocently.

“So, what are you getting me for Christmas?” I teased.

“Laid and the other thing is a surprise.” Miki giggled.

“Interesting.” I said.

“So do you want to get down to it?” Miki asked.

“No.” I answered.

“Why not?” Her tone sounded a bit hurt.

“Not until you take a shower.” I said.

“Why?” she asked.

“You still have Hayden's skin cells on you.” I said. I didn't even want to think about touching her with his essence still lingering around on her skin.

“You just made me dry as hell just saying that.” Miki spat.

“I'm serious.” I said.

“I am taking a shower but, you're not getting any tonight for saying that.” Miki said.

“Fine by me.” I said.

A few days passed and I slowly saw my utopia fall apart. Miki wouldn't speak to much beside a hi and bye, my motivation for my game was slowly dwindling, my flash games sold sparsely, I barely ate. The only way I could make it up to her was Christmas morning. I suppose redemption was right around the corner being though Christmas was only a few hours away. I made it my business to pick up my gifts from Mike's car and drag them home. I hid them very well and spent hours trying to wrap them. I guess I wasn't so great at gift wrapping and I didn't care to be, being though the only time it would be useful is Christmas and birthdays. The rest of the day I spent coding The Depths more. It had gotten to the point the character had reached rock bottom. His head was in a haze, his powers were gone, he saw it to be pointless to continue any further. His thoughts were bleak. His words were bleak. His path was bleak. He only had his weapon to lean on, which was a measly stick. His hideout was destroyed, his tools were destroyed and his hope was destroyed. Now, it was all about survival.

I listened to Miki go at with with her keyboard and the keys wailing for freedom. I gave up on The Depths for the night and just played some video games for the night. I didn't want to think about things. I didn't want to think about the downfall of my temporary utopia. I didn't want to think of the possible failure or poverty I would face. I was positive about leaving Miki and this place. I foresaw a seesaw of distress and bliss. I knew would conflict with my work, my hopes and my dreams. I had to detach. I had to distance myself or things would only get worse for me. I'd go along with the program now, but ultimately I was going to leave. It would probably be one of the hardest things I'd have to do in my life.

Christmas day arrived and it was different. Each year I would be awakened by my idiot brother and his impatience. Most years the presents would be for him. I'd get causal stuff from aunts and uncles like socks, underwear, sweaters stuff people usually give people when they have no idea what to get them. It was just a normal day for me. But, for others around the world it was a big event. I did the usual. I picked my head up off my laptop and put myself together. I brushed my teeth and put the gifts out in the open. I knew after all the gift opening I would be hard at work again. More coding, more building models, more arranging modules and all that other crap. I poured my self some orange juice and began making breakfast like usual. I scrambled eggs, fried sausage, and hurt the environment all in one swoop.

Miki eventually made her way out of her cave. Her curls were frizzy and distressed, her eyes had circles around them and her lips were pretty chappy.

“O-ohaiyo.” Miki yawned.

“Wrong country.” I teased. “But, good morning.”

“Whatever. Merry Christmas, though.” she grinned.

“Same to you.” I said.

“So who are those gifts for?” she asked.

“You.” I answered.

“Aww, I feel bad I didn't even bother to wrap your present.” Miki sighed.

“It's fine.” I said. I sat breakfast on the counter.

“Ooo, which one should I open first?” Miki asked.

“The big one, since we're about to eat breakfast.” I said. I sipped my orange juice.

She unraveled the wrapping paper and her eyes grew in size.

“Whoa. Nate, you didn't have to get me a Keurig.” Miki said.

“Yeah, but I'm tired of spending ten bucks on a cup of coffee, cappuccino or frappe. Now you can make all of that at home.” I grinned.

“You even got it in my favorite color.” she said in amazement.

“Mhmm.” I nodded.

“Even Mike screws up my favorite color.” she said scratching her head.

“So are you going to open it?” I joked.

“Course. Thank you, Nate.” She said.

She went into the bedroom and came out with, what it looked like was shades and a matching gloves to go along with it.

She handed them to me and said, “Merry Christmas.”

“Oh you shouldn't have.” I said looking at the items skeptically.

“It's a little deeper than you think silly. Those are Virtual Reality Shades and Gloves for immersive game construction. I even snuck a dongle in there to hook your laptop up to the TV.” she grinned.

“So, how much did it cost you?” I asked.

“Don't sweat it. I'm a woman who saves her money, so that wasn't hard to get.” Miki responded. She took the Keruig out of the box and began to hook it up.

It was a quiet day with snowfall and take out. But I knew, this wouldn't last for long. It couldn't. Because everything, would take a dive eventually.

The End

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