Once You Rise, You Can Always Fall.Mature

A story following the plight of a young billionaire named Nathaniel Stone. How he built his empire and how one indignant soul crushed it to bits.


I spent my months grooming the pages of The Art of War. In my spare time, I sharpened my chess skills. I was determined to beat the house in anyway possible and make it realize I was a force to be reckoned with. That I wouldn’t be suffocated by debts and live freely. But, I was still suffocated by the iron claw of capitalism and the social hierarchy. I never thought I would make it up the triangle, until one day it finally happened. All my suffering had vanished and I had the world in my hands, so I thought. But it seemed as though no matter where I was or where I went, the house always won. Whether it was for the best or for the worst, I watched my empire crumble right before my very eyes. I almost died there struggling in the rubble. It doesn’t take much to destroy an empire.

The End

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